Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Waiting for the Bus in Guadalajara

The two above photos are the children of the bus ticket seller. Cute kids.

The two boys in the above photos were very patient. They acted as if they had nothing to do but wait with us. The boy in the first photo is the son of one of Dale's best friends. The other boy is a cousin. Dale's friend passed away a year ago. Dale hadn't seen the family since then. His friend's wife passed away in November. It was a sad occasion. Dale has known the family since these boys were babies.

I went into Guadalajara with Dale to visit with his friends. After our visit, we went to the bus stop and waited an hour and a half. The bus to Chapala never came by. The man selling bus tickets told us it went by every half an hour. We were there so long that we met his children. It was fun seeing the three little kids running up to him and hanging on him. Obviously, they adored their father. But I don't think he knew what he was talking about with the Chapala bus. Dale's two teenage friends waited with us the entire time. He kept trying to get them to go on home but they refused. Such nice young men. Dale finally gave up on the bus and got us a taxi back to Ajijic. Interesting day. Hundreds of buses must have stopped while we were waiting there. It was across the street from a monster Sam's Club and Costco was down the street a little further. I couldn't think of one thing I would have wanted in either store. I just wanted to get out of Guadalajara and back to sleepy little Ajijic.

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