Sunday, October 16, 2016

Surprised little boy

As I was looking through old photos I came upon this one. The boy looked so surprised to see me taking his picture. This was at the Ajijic Plaza, where I hope to go later on this afternoon.

Morning Thoughts

It is early on a Sunday morning. The Cohates are already going off. I don't know if this is a holiday or not. I can't keep up with all the holidays. Maybe because it is Sunday morning and that is enough of a celebration. The Mexican dogs don't even pay attention to them but the ones here from the United States often freak out. 

I was hoping to have some interesting photos to post today of the food truck event yesterday at the soccer field. But was a bust. Only two food trucks showed up. I didn't even stay.  

We are in the high season now. Restaurants are busy and the traffic is awful. I have to cross the carretera to get into town and it takes a long time. Sometimes the traffic is backed up for blocks. And this is just the beginning of high season. Rentals are filling up. Grocery stores are crowded. Of course the Wednesday market is so crowded it is difficult to walk there. 

I don't have anything important to write about today. I just am feeding the blog. Otherwise it is going to die. I haven't been writing on it much lately. From being sick to being bored.  It takes a lot of energy to keep it alive and well. And when I am not feeling well, I neglect it. 

Happy Sunday everyone. I will look for an old photo to put on here that may make you smile. 
Sundays in the Ajijic Plaza are always fun. Maybe I will walk down there this afternoon with Chico and take some photos of all the new people in town.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Morning Thoughts

I have been sick again. Stayed in bed all day yesterday. Feeling better today so I hope I am well again. Just in case, I am staying close to home for awhile. 

I am posting a photo of a little girl in her beautiful white dress. Her mother is beside her.  Maybe the other woman is the grandmother? They were all so proud. I don't know what special occasion this was for the little girl. Her family sells things on the carratera. She was sitting on the curb looking bored when I came upon the scene.  I thought taking her photo would make her smile and it did. It was a brief pleasure for all of us.  Sometimes having a camera comes in handy.  I am not going to write any more for today. Feeling a little weak. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Flooded Streets

I woke up at four am and we were having a very loud storm, thunder and lots of rain. I went back to sleep and when it got light I went into my front room and heard lots of noise. The rain had stopped. I looked out the front window and my street was flooding. The noise was all the water rushing by. Lots of debris was coming down with the water. It was too deep for me to even walk out my door. In a couple of hours it was all gone but the garbage. But the street next to mine, Upper Revolution, was still flooding. They needed lots of help to get it blocked off. Here is a photo of that street in the afternoon.
Look closely up the street and you will see all the water running down. They were trying to block it off but they only managed to divert it a bit. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

More Blog Problems.

If you send me a comment I can't put it on the blog or answer it. I went to visit a friend who was going to help me with all my blog problems but I forgot to take my password. He was going to try to fix it on his computer. All I have is an i pad and he said that trying to do things on an i pad is like trying to fix a car engine with just a screw driver. I have had so many problems with this i pad but my old computer no longer works, after six months of the repair man trying and charging me each time....

So please forgive me if I don't post your comment or answer it for awhile. I hope to get it fixed soon.