Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cost of Vegetables at the Store in Ajijic

Today I stopped by the vegetable and fruit store near the Ajijic plaza and bought these vegetables. Well, tomatoes are officially considered a fruit. Those are Portabello mushrooms in the plastic tray. Five huge ones and they cost about two dollars. The grand total for all of these was only five dollars. Not bad. Not bad. I am going to make some tomato soup and maybe portabello soup or maybe a combo of both. Also a carrot and ginger soup.... Sliced cucumbers. Sound good? I am so lucky to have a kitchen now. 

Morning Thoughts

It is a sunny morning, after a night of rain. The days are getting nicer now. Most of the rain comes at night. People often say that and I get irritated because there are many days during the rainy season when it rains during the day. Or if it doesn't rain, it is overcast and dreary all day. But we have had lots of sunny days lately. Soon the part timers will be streaming into town. I bet the restaurant owners will be relieved. Most of the restaurants have been empty for the past few months. I wonder how they can make it through the low season. 

My friend Pat, from San Blas, left this morning on the bus back to San Blas. I am missing her already. She got me out of my comfort zone and I did things I haven't done for months. That is one of the nice things about having friends visit. They want to do things that I have decided weren't worth doing anymore. And surprise surprise they were worth doing.  

I am feeling well again and have been swimming. Swimming is my favorite thing to do.  The spa hasn't been busy because the children are back in school now. If I go at nine in the morning, no one is in the pool. People don't start coming in until the afternoon. 

I am still working on my leaflet about helpers. If you know anyone who wants a job staying at the hospital with sick expats, please pass along my information. I need more helpers. It is difficult to find Mexicans who speak good English. If they do, they usually have jobs and would not have the time to stay at the hospital.  I only have six helpers now and just one woman. I will put the information on my blog once it is completed.

So, this is what I am doing now. Watching my Bimbo white bread as it doesn't spoil, swimming, walking around town with Chico.. 

I miss Pat already. My life is much simpler now without her. I can go for days without talking to anyone. A morning of swimming and then taking the bus home pretty much wipes me out for the rest of the day. Maybe if I get stronger I will have enough energy to do more things in the afternoons.
These flowers are now over two weeks old. They take a long time to wilt. Just one flower in that bunch has died. The ones at the top are new. This is just one stem of flowers. They cost 35 pesos at the Weds. Market.   They have a wonderful fragrance. So Bimbo bread and Lilies are long lasting buys..... if you don't mind eating bread that doesn't spoil. 

My Bimbo Bread Experiment

This Bimbo white bread has been sitting on my kitchen counter for two months now. I am doing an experiment to see how long it will stay fresh. The slices of bread are very soft and tempting. I could make a sandwich out of them and enjoy it, except that I know how long it has been sitting there. And I also wonder how long it was on the shelf at the grocery store....  There is NO MOLD on it at all.... and no signs of any bugs trying to get into the package. 

The Chapala Malecon on a Sunday Afternoon


Saturday Evening at the Plaza in Ajijic