Saturday, April 21, 2018

Lunch at the Real de Chapala Hotel with my friend Carolina

I hadn't been to the Real de Chapala for a few years. The location and view are great. Draw your own conclusions about the food from the photos. 

My friend Carolina.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Morning Thoughts

I had a busy day yesterday. I went swimming in the morning, had lunch with my friends Pablo and David and in the evening I went out to La Nueva Posada with my friend Carolina. I have become such a recluse that I rarely go out with friends. It was fun. I would like to be more social but it is difficult without a car. And to go out in this hot weather. 

Here are a few photos of the day, the spa, Pablo and David, and Carolina. After a day like this, I say a little prayer of thanks for my life here in Ajijic. I love Mexico. I hope I never have to return to live in the United States.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Haircut day

Chico and I both got haircuts today.   Short for the hot weather. Just my luck and the rains will come early and it will get cold. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

San Antonio again

I took the bus to visit my friend in San Antonio again and this time at the restaurant I ordered a Chili Rellano. Each one comes out looking like a work of art. And it was delicious. I took Chico on the bus inside my gym bag with his head sticking out. He loved it. He looked all around while we were on the bus. Unfortunately we came back right when the kids were getting out of school. One in the afternoon and the bus was packed. I got a seat in the back and really was concerned about how Chico would handle all the children, some trying to pet him. But he was great. Just sat in that bag on my lap looking so happy to be out with me. Here are more photos of San Antonio and the first one is of my Chili Rellano.

Morning Thoughts

We are in the hottest time of the year here. By two in the afternoon I like to be back home in my cool apartment. I had a difficult couple of weeks, thinking my landlord was going to sell the house and I would have had to move. I thought about living upstairs in my friend in San Antonio's house but the two rooms were so small that there was only enough room for a bed in one and a desk in the other one. But I like the San Antonio plaza. It is usually very quiet and it is cool with those beautiful Jacaranda trees nearby.

Several people came to look at this house, including my apartment, no fun for me. One American woman came back with her husband. But no one bought. There are lots of concerns here. Like the brick building in front of us and the garbage on the corner and no parking or garage, and all the noise. (And the things people wouldn't know about on first glance, like my neighbor with seven dogs, including the pit bull that came into my yard, and his week long parties in the street and him throwing his used couch into the only parking area to rot for months.)

My landlord gave up the idea of selling--for now. What a relief that was for me because I generally am happy here. I have gotten used to the disadvantages and the low rent gives me a lot of financial freedom. Now if only I had a pet sitter so I could spend that money. I would like to go to Kansas to see my son and daughter-in-law this summer.

A few days ago I went to the San Antonio plaza with my friend and we also had lunch at the restaurant across the street from it. I have photos of that on the previous blog post. I sent the photo of the Chili Relleno to my son. He posted it on his facebook page. I just checked, 142 people have commented on it. So I am putting it again on this post. I am going to have one today. 

I also put this photo on again of the waitress because she is so lovely. I don't know if she is one of the owners or not but she was wonderful. Plus, she reminds me of my daughter-in-law when she was about that age. I really miss my son and daughter-in-law. Facebook and skype are nice but they do not take the place of real face to face visits. I haven't seen them for several years now. Far too long.

I am taking the bus to San Antonio with Chico in my gym bag zipped up with just his head sticking out. I hope the bus driver will let me take him on the bus. It is against their rules but if he is in the bag, he might get on. He loves my friend's two little dogs. Dogs need friends too.