Saturday, December 9, 2017

Morning Thoughts

It is cold today and almost noon. Usually it has warmed up by this time of the morning but not today. I am sitting in my house, occasionally walking out into my garden, checking to see if it is warm enough for me to take a walk. Not yet. I am spoiled. I hate even a little bit of cold weather. I spent part of the morning looking at the news and saw snow storms already hitting the United States and places where it rarely snows. People living there are the ones to complain about the cold. Not me. 

I have my new glasses now and have been wearing them around the house for three days. I want to get used to them before taking a long walk. At this point, the cobblestones seem to be right in my face. Dangerous for walking because I cannot judge how far away they actually are from my face. This is because of Progressive lenses.  Getting old is tough. 

There is a Michoacan festival going on at the Ajijic plaza today and tomorrow. Lots of music, dancing, food and crafts. If it would get about ten degrees warmer, and the wind would stop, I might walk down and take some pictures. In the meantime I am just waiting it out and practicing walking around my house wearing my new glasses. Chico and Olive are hanging out with me. Olive manipulated me into cooking fresh chicken for her meals but now she doesn't like it. I don't know what comes next. Steak?  What a cat.  No wonder Chico gets irritated with her. She is like the queen of the house. Dogs are so much easier. But I love her and would be unhappy if anything happened to her or to Chico. They are my Mexico Family. 

It was very windy last night. This morning my patio was full of leaves. I swept them up and later on I took these photos of Chico and Olive out there. They follow me around wherever I go. It is nice to be loved like that. Guess I will keep on cooking chicken for them---or steak......

It was too cold for Chico so he came back in the house. He is getting old, like me, and probably has arthritis, like me. 

Cold or hot weather is very subjective. I noticed that the Mexicans walking past my window were all wearing their winter clothing, knitted hats, gloves, boots, jackets and I am guessing the temperature is between 60 and 65 degrees outside. I imagine if I were to walk down to the plaza I would see Expats recently there from Canada wearing shorts and t shirts.  But I have been here so long now that I think 65 degrees is cold. Don't know how I would manage in the snow. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Morning Thoughts

I haven't been writing much lately since having pneumonia.  I still am not completely recovered. Then my cat knocked my glasses onto the floor and broke them. I am so nearsighted that I can't see much past three feet in front of me. I have been sticking close to home, afraid of falling or worse, being run over with all this traffic. But today I took Chico to the market. He loves to go there. So many interesting things to see and smell. Since I can't see much, I didn't take any pictures. I was just focused on not falling down. I was going to buy chicken but there was a crowd of people thinking the same thing at their stand. 

I walked back to the local chicken lady in my neighborhood. She sells fresh chicken out of her yard. It was nice there. No other customers. I bought the legs and thighs of one chicken for fifty pesos. My cat has me now trained to cook fresh chicken for her and of course I can't give it to her and not Chico. I miss the good old days when they were both happy with dry food. They will never come again. Olive was a wild cat, living in my old neighborhood years ago. She decided that I belonged to her so she hung around my house for months and stood on the bars on my window, gazing in at me and Chico until I finally let her inside. Now she sleeps in my arms at night, has me cooking chicken for her meals and sleeps in the sunshine in my garden during the day. I should just call it her garden. She always sleeps in the most comfortable chair. I have learned a lot about the value of persistence from her. I never wanted a cat but now she has me. 

I took a picture of the chicken lady. Her name is the same as mine but they pronounce it as Patty in Spanish. She knows me now and Chico. She is very nice and her chicken is fresh. Here is a photo of her. She sells Monday through Friday from the mornings until she is out of chicken. If you live in this neighborhood, she is easy to find. Just walk a block and a half up Revolution, above the carratera and you will see her green sign.  Chico and I enjoy that short walk and she is always welcoming, even if she is out of chicken for the day. I like buying things from the locals. 

Patty, the chicken lady. What a beautiful smile. And she is usually smiling.

I get new glasses tomorrow. I sure hope they will be okay. It is hard to find a competent optometrist in this town. I ordered them from the woman at the Lake Chapala Society. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Minimum Wage in Mexico

I read an article in the recent Guadalajara Reporter about the wage increase here in Mexico. The Mexican government announced that the minimum wage as of Dec.1st will go up 10.4 percent, from 80.04 pesos a day to 88.36 pesos a day.  This is the highest annual raise in more than a decade. That is the equivalent to 45 cents a day raise. The bare minimum that a person needs to live a dignified life in Mexico is 2822 pesos a month, which would be 94 pesos a day. It is estimated that a quarter of all Mexicans are living in extreme poverty. 

As of today, this is the conversion rate into American Dollars. 80.04 pesos is 4.30803 American dollars. Remember this is pay for a DAY not for an hour here in Mexico.  88.34 pesos, their raise this year, makes it 4.75245 American dollars. And lastly, 2822 pesos, today is only 151.871 American dollars.

So no wonder many Mexicans think that the expats are wealthy. We ARE wealthy compared to their minimum wages. Remember these figures the next time you leave a tip and you are trying to think of how much to put on the table. Be as generous as you can and still feel good about it. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

New apartment for rent

Through the years I have from time to time put nice rentals on here but doing that mostly caused me a lot of problems. People asking me to act as an agent for them and more questions about the places, so I quit doing it. But today I met a nice young man who showed me his apartment that he just finished and wants to rent. It is furnished with beautiful furniture, including a new stove and frig. It is just half a block up the street from where I live so the shops are all close and the Ajijic Plaza is a fifteen minute walk from it. There is a roof area which I did not walk up to because for now there is no railing on the stairs. He said he will add that. So here are some photos of it. There is a garage in front that you could use for more light. It is a little dark inside. The price pr month is 7000 pesos. Please do NOT contact ME about it. Call the man who owns it, Chuy at 333 956 7323 or   Here are some photos

The street the apartment is on

What is across the street from it.


The front door.


Front door

The garage

Kitchen and stairs to the roof

New microwave

Cabinet, pots and pans included.

New stove

New frig

Laundry room, washer and he will get a dryer

Bedroom , just part of it, the dresser and desk. There is a very large bed in this room too.

Sorry I didn't get any more photos. If you are interested, contact Chuy. I just did the currency converter for 7000 pesos. As of today that is 376 American dollars. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Photos of the Revolution Day parade

These two little kids are stuck in traffic on a float. They look tired. I was tired by then too. It said online that it started at nine thirty. I was there at nine and it had already started. So I chased them for blocks, taking photos all the way. Then I had to walk back home so I took photos from the front of everything. The kids were so cute in their costumes and doing their routines. It was worth all that fast walking for me. 

This is my favorite photo. The little girl was so sweet, on her way to join the parade but she stopped for me so I could take her picture. 

The little girl in the above photo was dancing.