Friday, October 6, 2017

Chico and I walk home from the Ajijic Plaza

I love to see men taking care of their babies.

This man cares nothing about the light. Red light? Who cares. No one is going to run into a man on a horse. So he went on across the street.

Old Photos of Ajijic Displayed in the Ajijic Plaza

Today I took a walk with Chico to the plaza. I took a lot of photos so I am going to divide them up a bit. They have a display in the plaza now of Ajijic in the past. I didn't see when they were taken. All I got were photos of the photos. 

I am also adding some photos of the plaza as it is now. Thought it would be an interesting contrast because some of these photos on display were taken where the plaza is located now.

Looks like some things haven't changed much. This boy is taking a rest from selling vegetables. 

I took this from inside the coffee shop. Outside is a woman at a stand selling carpets and there is a mirror on the wall inside making it look like two women selling the carpets.

Chico makes a friend. Or maybe not. When his ears go back like that, it means he is not happy.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Artist Victor Romero

Victor Romero painted the still life in the photo below. . His wife, Isela is also an excellent painter. Their studio is on Javier Mina. It is 4 or 5 doors down from the corner of the carratera on the west side of the street. You can look inside and see them painting. They also give art classes.
Unfortunately I only took one photo of Victor so It isn't very clear. But I am putting it on anyway.

I love this painting. It is my favorite piece of art work in my house. Well, not counting the embroidery that was done in the mid 1700s.....
There is a small embroidery next to the painting. That one doesn't have a date or name on it. 

Victor Romero at work. I would have taken a couple of photos just in case the first one didn't turn out but I didn't want to interrupt his work for so long. So this is all you get. 

Chico and I took a walk to the restaurant

Coffee man. He brings it from Veracruz once a month.

This man sells fresh coconut juice or entire coconuts. 

Art Studio

The butcher shop, always Popular with the local dogs.

Coffee shop in the Ajijic Plaza

Restaurant in the plaza