Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Homemade Sushi

I spent several hours making my first batch of sushi, plus all the cleaning up. They look rough but taste good. I know they won't keep very long so I am going to have to eat them as quickly as possible. This will most likely be my last batch too. It is so much easier to walk the block to the sushi restaurant, eat a fresh batch that someone else made and cleaned up with no pressure to eat more than I want. And spend a few bucks, a lot less than all the ingredients I bought for these rolls. But I tried. That counts for something. Now I can really appreciate the restaurant. Here are photos of the rolls and one cut up.

I wrapped them up to try to keep them fresh.

And this is the mess of the first roll cut up. It is not easy to make good looking sushi. But it was fun to have a kitchen and be able to try. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Yesterday's lunch at the Sushi place near my house

I eat at this place at least twice a week. I hope I can learn how to make sushi as good as theirs.

This is where it is located. Above El Toritos.

This is the California Roll. Costs fifty pesos, including the cucumber salad. 

Ajijic Wednesday Market part 2

Now I am getting to the bottom of the market where there are things I CAN eat on my new diet. Avocados are supposedly very healthy but they are also very expensive here now. 25 pesos for one small avocado. But you can see the mixed vegetable bags and the little bags of Nopal cactus

The woman is chopping up the nopal cactus into smaller pieces. I find that they keep longer when they aren't cut up first.
I bought a roll of artifical crab meat. I am going to attempt to make sushi later on today once I rest. Check out those knives. Very sharp.

I like fresh flowers but by the time I have all my food I don't want to have to carry them up the hill too.

He is playing for tips.
He is playing for tips.

He is singing for tips.

I liked this hairless dog. I think he was looking down at Chico.

This fruit and vegetable stand is already running out of supplies.

People resting at the bottom of the hill.

And this is what it looks like at the bottom of the market where all the more inexpensive fruit and vegetable stands are located. I could hardly get back through the crowd.

Now I am finally back at the top of the hill and resting with one of my favorite foods. Shrimp tostado. I haven't been to this place for a few weeks and when I got my shrimp tostado I noticed there were only a few small pieces of avocado slices on top. Usually there are lots of slices but I understand. Avocados are expensive.  Chico likes this place too because I give him little bites of shrimp.
This is a blurry photo but unfortunately the only one I took . I wanted to just eat it.

Chico is waiting for a piece of shrimp.

I snapped this photo of myself while waiting for my tostado. I am so sweaty from the humidity that it looks like I just washed my hair. Sweat is also running down my face. It is hard to shop and walk in this weather but also better than the rain. 

I finally made it back up the hill to my house. This is how I looked. Time to rest and really take a shower. And one more photo. I took it at home.

This is NOT Vodka. Well there may be a LITTLe vodka in it. The woman who sells it to me saves the biggest bottle under the counter for me. ANd I bring back the empty bottle for her. She said there was some alcohol in it. Not much, but enough to smell and maybe it is tequilla. I have read that a little tequilla is healthy for our bodies. Good to know. But it is really a bottle of pomegranate juice. I have to filter out the seeds when I get it home and put it in smaller bottles so it will fit into the frig. Pomegranate juice is very healthy but I don't like having to squeeze it and deal with the seeds. there are only a few seeds at the bottom of this bottle. You can see them if you look closely enough. I drink that much in one week. So another market day is over for me. And I am resting at home now. Chico is resting too. 

Another Wednesday Market in Ajijic with Chico

I took so many pictures today that I will most likely have to make this part one and then a part two. So these photos start out at the top of the market and then go on down. The further down you go, the more crowded it becomes..... It was packed at the bottom of the market today. 

Here are some of the exotic fruits that are in season now. 

Top of the market, no crowds.

Still no crowds.
Chico has seen this little dog several times. I think Chico likes him or her. I don't know which the dog is but very well groomed. Chico gets so excited that he was pulling on the leash as we walked down the hill towards the market. But on the way home, as we pass the vet's office, he tries to get to the other side of the street. It is difficult taking him there, especially at the bottom of the market where there are crowds but he loves it so much that I hold him close and let him come with me.

I love the pizza but in am on a strict diet now to get my cholestoral down. I have to eliminate a lot of my favorite foods. 

This fish looked good too but it is fried. Off of my diet.

For sure these things are no longer on my diet. Deep fried, dough covered in sugar. Yum

No more ice cream for me. Check out the two little girls in the next photo. They really wanted an ice cream cone.

No more of this for me. 

Now it is starting to get crowded. This is a favorite place that the Mexicans like to eat at but not many Expats like the kind of food they serve.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Afternoon walk home from the Ajijic Plaza

They were trimming the trees at the top entrance to the Plaza.

I wanted to show how beautiful and green the mountains are now.
This elderly woman works every day cleaning the sidewalk in front of a complex. She always tries to pet Chico but he won't have it. I don't know why he is afraid of her. She is very sweet. Maybe he has never such an elderly woman before. 

This field is just a couple of blocks from my house. The close up on my camera doesn't work very good but I wanted to get the baby horse anyway.