Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Golf Cart Ride

Me and Chico and Nacho. What a fun time. They love riding in the golf cart. Me too. Thank you Steve.

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Rebozo Parade in Ajijic part 2

Some of the crowd, waiting for the parade to start.

A few of the women on the stage. They went up in groups and people clapped for their favorite and that was the winner of each age group.

Still waiting in the line.

It was getting dark by the time they paraded around the gazebo so the photos I took then are very blurry.

The Mariachis were coming in to play at the end of the parade.

Two little girls on the stage.

Finally the mariachis got on the stage to play but I was very tired by then and hungry. So I went with my friends for some tacos.

The stand was set up on the street. What fun. Again, I LOVE MEXICO.....

The Rebozo Parade Part 1

Last night the last of the Independence Day festivities were finally over... And I am very tired this morning. I loved all the activities but I don't have as much energy as I used to have and so I get tired. Today I will just stay home and clean my house and rest or maybe take a short walk with Chico to the grocery store. Here are some photos of the Rebozos from last night. Since it was mostly going on after dark I didn't get any good ones of the parade, just the preparations. But I will get some better photos from Alex and write about it in a few days on Accesslakechapala....

She is a bit too young for the parade. Maybe in a couple of more years.....

The winners were given bouquets of flowers. Maybe he has one, but it could just be for his sweetheart.

Everyone in the parade was lined up and it felt like hours to me. I don't know how the little girls had the patience to stay there. Notice the girl at the front of the line with the red rebozo (Which is a shawl) and the blue bow. She was a real character. I took several more photos of her to give you an idea of what she was like.

Since she was one of the youngest, she was in the front of the line but she refused to stand there. What an interesting little girl. I can't imagine how her parents have enough energy to keep up with her all the time.

This little girl was very different in temperament. She came over to me and was giving me a little plastic flower that she found on the ground. Did I mention that they were bored???? Standing in that line for so long.

I think the little girl in the blue outfit was getting stage fright.

The one in blue finally calmed down. But she still has a strange expression. Like, What Am I DOING HERE?

This girl doesn't look very happy either. They were just kept standing there in a line for too long.

The older girls and the women were at the back of the line.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Combate de Flores in Ajijic Plaza

Combate de Flores means Flower Fight. I just wrote an article about it and what it means and you can read it on under blogs. Here I am just adding photos......

This is Edwardo, one of the people who went out into the five barrios here and gathered information about the Combate de Flores. It went on from 1926 to 1936.  But check out the article and you will learn all about it on

Wednesday Market last week in Ajijic

Puppies, anyone?????

This woman doesn't look like she cares much about if she sells anything or not. It must be really hard for them to get there in the middle of the night and set up their stands, then take them down in the late afternoons. I know I couldn't do it. 

Look at those beautiful papayas.

This stand has beautiful handmade bowls and they also brought in some handmade birds. The yellow one in a previous photo is also there. You can see it in the back right side of the photo.

These are made out of tin.

This is the taco stand.

These grapes are delicious.