Monday, March 18, 2019

San Antonio Plaza area

The Jacaranda trees are already in bloom.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Morning thoughts

It is another hot day. I woke up before sunrise and watched the pink streaks come into the sky as I drank my coffee. It is another three day weekend. Monday is Benito Juarez Day. It will be very busy and noisy here.

A friend sent me the news in this area. Within 24 hours, 27 bodies have been found in the greater Guadalajara area. There were 19 bodies, each wrapped in black plastic, found in Ixtlahuacan. |

When will this slaughter end????  

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Morning Thoughts--roof dog

I woke up this morning at eight thirty and it was already hot. After doing my daily routines of feeding  the hungry animals, I took Chico for a walk to the plaza. As I was passing the house where the dog fell off the roof, the woman came out the door. She saw me and said, " It is okay."

 She smiled and waved at me. What a relief.  I am amazed. That was a hard splat on the cement. She hasn't put it back on the roof since then. Good thing because it really must be hot up there.

Not much happening in my life. I went to the vegan festival at the San Antonio plaza yesterday. Tasted a grain hamburger that I threw away. Tasted like bird seed was in the mix. But today my friend Tom is taking me out to lunch at the vegan restaurant by the plaza. It has a pretty outdoor eating area. The buffet is all you want to order off their menu for a set price. It is a limited menu. But good. I had their vegan hamburger and it tasted like meat. I liked it.

My dog and cat are driving me crazy. Olive, the cat, is always hungry and meowing at me. But she only licks the juice from her food. She leaves the rest. These little packets of dog and cat food add up too. I hate to see her waste it. She won't eat any of it after the first time of serving it. No cat food left overs for her.

My dog, Chico, is also always hungry but he scarfs down his food in a second and then begs for more. He never gets full. So I am standing there with the bowl of uneaten expensive cat food but was told not to give cat food to dogs. I eventually have to give up trying to get her to eat it and then I throw it away.

In the long run, I am just happy that neither of them has fallen off of my upstairs patio. After seeing that dog fall, I don't allow them on the patio. I am so happy that I saw the owner today and she assured me that the dog is okay. I believe that she was telling the truth.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Morning thoughts

This morning is the big Mardi Gras parade. It is going to be hot. It is hot already and the sun isn't up yet. Oh boy, hot flour in my face.

Yesterday was bad. For the first time in all my years of living here, I saw a roof dog fall off the roof. A white and brown larger size Chihuahua. I have seen hundreds of roof dogs and wondered why they never fell. Now I know that it happens. It was shocking. Fortunately, Chico and I were on the other side of the street when it happened. Or maybe unfortunately. I may have been able to have caught it if I had chosen to walk there instead of across the street.

 I saw the little guy falling and heard the splat, like the sound of a cantaloupe hitting the sidewalk. Then nothing. No movement at all from him. I started screaming. A woman ran out of the house with a dish rag and carefully picked him up. As she carried him in her arms, two little children were running after her crying. I think he may have still been alive. He was looking at me.

This was the saddest thing I have seen in my twelve years of living here.  I remember that dog barking at me as we past every morning. They put a little sweater on him on cold days. I wonder if the dog was too hot and passed out and that was why he fell. I can't get the sight and sound out of my head. I feel so sorry for the dog and children.