Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Walk and the Real de Chapala Hotel

The two photos above were taken at El Parque. It is the area where I am house sitting. It is a gated community in San Antonio. Very quiet.

The chaise lounge is waiting for you at the Real de Chapala Hotel. I didn't put on a lot of mariachi photos today. I have so many on my blog already. I met three other friends there and we had a nice afternoon listening to the music and eating. Then I walked back to San Antonio. I had only been back a few minutes when it started raining. There was thunder and lightening. It cooled things down. I am living in a very pretty house but I miss Chico and I miss my little casita and the short walk to the lake. You know the old saying, There is no place like home. Very true, even if it is just a little casita.

These bird photos were taken along the lake shore at the Real de Chapala Hotel.
A stream that runs through part of La Floresta neighborhood.

The above photos of trees were all taken on my walk through my neighborhood, La Floresta.

The two photos above are of a bakery on the way to the Real de Chapala Hotel.

Above are three photos of an outdoor chicken roasting place. This area reminds me of parts of San Blas. It seems more typical of Mexico than the upscale restaurants that are here.

Evening Walk by the Lake and Chavo WIns the Talent Contest

Anita and I went to the talent contest at La Bodega. Chavo, one of the mariachis from Sundays at Real de Chapala, dropped in to see what was happening. On a whim, he signed his name to the list of contestants. He won. He hadn't practiced. He had a sore throat and he forgot some of the words to one song and he still won. He has a beautiful voice.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Evening Walk With Chico

New moon in the sky.

The people in the photos were in the boat when I arrived. When they got close to me, the little boy tried to throw pebbles at Chico. Chico ignored him. I am glad I got a photo of the boy smiling. I am back home now. I hear crickets in the yard. It is dark and there is thunder in the distance. It will probably rain again tonight.

A New Tour Company in Ajijic

This company recently opened up across the street from the Lake Chapala Society. They rent cars and have tours to the surrounding areas; Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, Tonala, San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato, Mazamitla, Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. Their e mail address is phone: 76 70012 or (045) 333 842 3131. I wish them a successful new business.

Hypotherapist Auda Hammett

Today I ran into Auda Hammett at the Lake Chapala Society. I wrote about him several months ago. He is a very interesting man. He says he has had over a thousand jobs in his lifetime. He does past life regression and helps people to overcome bad habits with hypnotism. He is full of life and seems much younger than his age, 86. He is going to the States for a week to study in Lily Dale, New York with a group that communicates with the dead. This group started five generations ago in 1848 by two sisters, the Fox sisters. They were 9 and 11 when they first started communicating with the dead. The family group has been going every since and people are invited to visit and learn how to communicate with the dead. It is 60 miles out of Buffalo, New York. I am excited to hear all about his trip when he returns. His office is in the Ajijic Hotel which is just across the street from the plaza in Ajijic. He offers free consultation with no appointment for the first visit. His e mail address is: Check out his website: on the address section and not google. A very unusual man. He has lived in this area for 22 years. At one time he owned a grocery store in Chapala. One of his many jobs. You will never meet another man like him. I took the photos at the coffee shop in the Lake Chapala Society. The background seems fitting for him.

My Morning Walk to the Plaza in AJijic

The above three photos are of a gift shop on Colon St. in Ajijic. It is an interesting place.

Above photos were taken at the Plaza in Ajijic.
Yesterday I took a walk towards the lake and my neighbor called me over to taste the cheese a man from Michuacan had brought in to sell. I bought some and it was delicious. I wish I had bought more while he saw here.