Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sangre Viva festival part 2

Some photos of the plaza where the festival is taking place.

The photo exhibit in the plaza is of old scenes in Ajijic. Very interesting.

I bought some raspberries from the boy in the above photo. 

The dancers.

Carlos A. Paz Rubio, one of the organizers of the festival.

Photos of the Festival Cultural Sangre Viva in Ajijic

This is a three day festival celebrating the indigenous people of Mexico. Today is the last day of it. In the evenings, there is music and dancing and during the days they have lectures and booths filled with beautiful handmade things for sale.

Amber earrings and bracelets for sale.

Handmade game board.

Huichol with his yard paintings and various dolls and spiritual objects. The bags above and behind him are carried by the Huichol men.

I love the large yarn paintings. They cost about a hundred and fifty dollars. What a bargain. It takes them from one to two months to make one painting

You can see some of the bead work in the photo above. Ceremonial bowls that are beaded inside. Cloth dolls. Beaded bracelets and belts, etc He is wearing one of their traditional hats.

The man in the photo above made these musical instruments. The two objects on the lower left are drums.

The man in the above photo made wooden objects, including that fantastic face below him.

The stage and drums for the evening performance.

T shirts for sale

Onyx for sale.

The young man in the above photo was selling hart shaped objects with tassels. I saw some Huichols wearing them around their necks. They must have a religious significance.

Above was a notebook with the skull painted on the front.

The man in the above photo made the drums. 

Necklaces made out of feathers, and also earrings. You can see part of them in the lower part of the photo.
There were many more booths. I may go back today. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

A sunny but cold Wednesday market in Ajijic

I like to see the Huichols wearing their beautiful clothing. 

Three more Huichols, setting out their handmade jewelry.

The pizza maker.

It wasn't so crowded because I went just before nine in the morning.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Camaleón

Today I had to go to the Lake Chapala Society to have my new glasses adjusted. It was a cold morning. I had to walk back up to the plaza and on my way I saw the new mural on the Camaleon bar. I would have walked back down the hill to photograph the new mural on the front of it but I was too cold. So this is all you get. Next time I go by there I will photograph the front. We have been having winter weather again after weeks of sunshine. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant, Tepetate

I went out to lunch again on Saturday to my favorite Thai restaurant. The Tepetate. Here are some photos of it and our lunches and some others that were coming out of the kitchen. It was crowded. This is a popular place. But don't expect the food to be cheap. It isn't. Prices have gone up a lot all over town in the restaurants, stores and places for rent. Except for the small Mexican style restaurant that we ate at on Friday. That was a nice surprise. 

Above is a vegetable curry.

We ate the salad above, a green mango salad.

We also shared the pad Thai above.
And we shared the spring rolls above.

Above was another person's curry.

Our order of  pad Thai, mango salad and spring rolls cost about 28 dollars, including the tip. I am guessing  a meal like that could be found in many restaurants in the United States for the same price. Maybe not in Portland, Oregon.