Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Some of my favorite photos that I took in 2017

Little girl at the Revolution Day parade.

Young woman at a Thanksgiving meal.
The great escape! Look at that happy face. The pit bull broke through my barrier and is on his way to my yard. 
The photo above was taken by Alex.

The woman who sells chicken near my house.

Director of the Thriller Dance.

The photo above was taken by Alex.
Sunset taken near my house.

I I have taken over twenty thousand pictures and none of them are organized. Also, my photos have to be very low resolution in order to be able to get them on my blog. So they aren't the best quality.  


  1. The low resolution is not really all that bad, the content is what matters and the people you and Alex capture show that life there is great!

    1. That is encouraging. Thank you so much Peter. P