Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lunch at Gigi's Bost on Deli

My steak lunch at Gigi's Boston Deli
Gigi's is up those stairs
I am starting to eat again, not much but some. I had lunch at Gigi's Boston Deli and had enough left over for two more meals.

Wednesday Market in Ajijic

Anita with a Siamese Kitten
Wouldn't you like to have this one?
He wanted to play with the kitten but Anita said he was too rough.....
Huichol Bead work. Beautiful 2500 pesos
Woman with her flowers.
The baker
She is giving her action hero doll a bath
Beautiful handmade necklaces

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Morning in Chapala

This morning I had to make a trip into Chapala for a blood test. I go to a laboratory on Morales which is the same street that the bus from Ajijic comes into Chapala on and it is just a few blocks from the plaza. Further on is the American Legion which I went to after the blood test. I had a delicious breakfast there.  The American Legion is having a couple of interesting things in a few days. On the First of July they are having a celebration for Canada Day. It starts at two in the afternoon. They are having Polish Sausage, macaroni salad , Cole slaw and Ice cream. Tickets are 100 pesos. Contact Barbara Marden at 376 765 5752 or

On the Fourth of July they are having another celebration. Fried chicken, corn on the cob, potato salad, chocolate topped ice cream for 120 pesos.  Tom Keehen at 765-2048....

All ready for my blood test
This statue is in the same room as where they take the blood test.
American Legion Restaurant
American Legion
My Breakfast at the American Legion
Entrance to the American Legion
American Legion yard area
Chapala Plaza

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Theft

Vino Blanco by the Lake
After such a relaxing morning at the lecture and then walking by the lake, we discovered that someone had broken into Carolina's car.  As you can see, it is parked on a quiet street. It was just a block from the Lake Chapala Society. The back window was smashed in and my swim bag had been stolen. I didn't lose much except my favorite swimming suit and some flip flops and a library book which I will have to buy. But Carolina now has the problem of finding another glass to replace her window.  They didn't steal our few yard sale items. I wish one of those snakes had been in the car. Wouldn't that have surprised the thief or thieves? It was a shock to us to see the broken window and we both had the feeling of being violated, our private space invaded. I think that it the greatest loss, the loss of a feeling of safety...... We were only gone an hour and a half. 

Sunday Morning Adventures with Carolina

After the yard sale, Carolina and I went out to breakfast at Salvador's Restaurant. They have a delicious breakfast buffet for 80 pesos and less if you show your LCS card. They have all new tables and chairs inside. They just brought them in yesterday. It looks nice.
After breakfast we went to the Lake Chapala Society to listen to the lecture by Phil Posner. He talked about being a Freedom Rider. I had seen him on the Oprah show along with the other freedom riders. Phil is an interesting speaker.
Phil Posner
Carolina and Pepper at the lecture
Jim Spivey
The open circle crowd
Carolina, Stacey, Audrey and Pepper

Sunday Morning Yard Sale

I went to a yard sale this morning with my friend Carolina and her new puppy, Pepper. I thought it was going to be a huge sale, but it wasn't. Just another small sale. The most interesting booth for me was the Wild Life Rescue Booth. Lots of interesting animals in it but I was afraid of the snakes.

Carolina and Pepper
This bird is on the Mexican flag but I don't remember the name of it
The animals weren't for sale. They were just there for display.