Friday, June 24, 2011

A New Restaurant in My Neighborhood, Anita

This delicious meal, carne asada, was only thirty pesos
Three friends are running it. The owner is wearing the red shirt
This restaurant has recently reopened in my neighborhood. On the corner of Constitution and Miguel Blanco. They have delicious food. They open for breakfast at eight in the morning and close at four. They are closed on Thursdays.   The new owner is Albert Leyva. Alejoindra Cuellar and Juan Manuel are the other two workers. They seem to be having fun with it. I want to have breakfast there one day. Prices are very reasonable. Breakfast is from 15 pesos to 45 pesos. Lunch is from 20 pesos to 45 pesos. They let Chico come in and sit next to me. They even gave him water.  We were hot, tired and hungry after walking up to the plaza. I hope this restaurant makes it because I like having an inexpensive one that I can easily walk to with Chico.

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