Friday, August 28, 2015

Morning Thoughts-Computers

Did I mention that the i pad has a hundred pages of directions? And not one mention of how to put photos on a blog or any site from the photo program? Did I also mention that i photo no longer works on my macbook pro? Someone sent me an article saying that that they no longer will allow a person to use the i photo program from the macs.  So frustrating.

I went to the two hour class yesterday and talked with the teacher about my photo problem. He had no answers. So I still cannot post any photos on my blog. Seems that I bought this expensive new i pad for nothing and I spent hundreds of dollars and six months trying to get my macbook pro working and it is useless too for putting photos on the blog.

I am so frustrated. I wish I had a three year old child to borrow. He or she could probably figure out the solution in a few minutes.

Monday, August 24, 2015

I learned how to put on one photo


I am in Lake Oswego with Christina. Having a wonderful time as you can tell by my smile. I am the one wearing the blue shirt. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Morning Thoughts--I am Back in Mexico

After a month in the States, I am back to my Mexico home in Ajijic. You know the old saying, There is no place like home. So true.  It was nice to be away and visit with friends and family but it is also good to be home. I have learned something about myself on this trip and return. I am almost computer illiterate. Knowing how to get around on computers is like learning a language and I learned it late in life. During my trip I saw small children, ones just learning to talk, using computers. For them it will be very easy to keep up with the technology and fast moving changes. For me, it is difficult.

I bought a new I pad while I was up there and do not know how to put an i photo program on it. My son and I cannot work together on computers because he is too impatient with me. My memory is bad and I have to ask him the same questions over and over. He gets angry and I get frustrated. It is a bad situation so I did not accomplish what I had hoped with the new I pad. And this morning I found out that my old i photo program on my old computer no longer opens up. Looks like I need to get a computer geek in here to help me sort it all out. Otherwise, I cannot get any photos onto my blog.

Other than that, life is good. Who needs photographs anyway? After 70,000 photos and many of them are of the same six blocks..... 

My son said, Those Koi at the Lake Chapala Society are the most photographed Koi in the world. 

Maybe I should name them.....

 For now, I will still write my Morning Thoughts with no photos. Do I still have readers out there in the invisible world of the internet?