Friday, November 27, 2015

Photos too large

Okay, half of the things in my Thanksgiving photos did not show up because the photos are too large. Did I mention about wanting to run screaming through the streets? I think it is time to bring in the big guns, the computer wiz kids who teach classes at LCS....  Anyway half of my Thanksgiving photos were visible. You can get the general idea......

My Thanksgiving

I went out to an early lunch with my friend Nicks and managed to just eat a salad. Then I took the bus to the Montecarlo pool and swam. It was an overcast day so I didn't stay long. In the morning there was a band playing in my neighborhood and they played again this morning. I had a nice day.

On my home on the bus we were serenaded with a three man group. 
I love Mexico. Something unexpected is always happening. The man in the white shirt sang beautifully. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Chico, Thanksgiving 2015


Two of the main reasons that expats decide to go back to the United States to live are grandchildren and healthcare. Mostly it is the grandmothers who want to watch their grandchildren grow up. Grandfathers are a bit more removed emotionally from that need. But grandmothers want to do more than talk with the kids on skype. They want to hold them and smell their hair and kiss them. Can't do that with Skype. Not now, maybe next year. 

So holidays can be hard on people living away from their families. Friends have to take place of families and sometimes that isn't enough. You can't just go around smelling a friend's hair. Or you could but your action may be misinterpreted. You may have another whole set of problems, especially if your friend is married and the mate has seen your hair smelling behavior. 

The second reason, healthcare. There are wonderful doctors and hospitals In Guadalajara but they are private hospitals and they don't take American insurance. There is one exception that I have recently heard about. I will write about it when I get more information. Most senior citizens have Medicare and it isn't accepted here. So the logical solution is to move back to the United States. Or Canada where they get free healthcare. So the older expats often leave here for reasons of healthcare. 

I have IMSS which is the public insurance program but I would only use it in case of life or death. Like if someone ran over me and I was bleeding to death on the street. I write this because I have been in one of the hospitals and I left to pay for my operation in  a private hospital. I keep it because some operations, even in Mexico, would cost me too much to pay out of my own pocket. 

So let's think of something more pleasant than being run over and bleeding to death on the street. Today is Thanksgiving and therefore a day to think about all the wonderful things in our lives to be thankful for. 

am thankful for being able to live in this beautiful environment and for the Mexican people. They have been so kind to me. I am thankful for my home and my loving animals and my health. And for my family in Portland and my friends here. And for all the people who read my blog and help me through my hard times. The warm weather here. The celebrations going on almost daily year around. (Okay sometimes I am not thankful for all that rocket shooting off) The delicious food here. The low cost of living. The maid who mops my floors. The neighbor children who come out to see me whenever I walk out the door. The inexpensive restaurants. The lake. The plaza. Okay, you get the picture. Now it is your turn to make your list and share your gratitude with your loved ones. After all, nothing is more important than your love for them. Happy Thanksgiving.

Chico and Olive and I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New App

This is a new app that I found. It may work better than the one I had been using and that cost me money. This one was free. Google app. I still don't know how to use it. Can't figure out how to change the size of the photos. There are no instructions that I can find on these apps. I need a five year old to help me with all this stuff. 

So now I will put on another photo, if I can figure it out. Of Olive.

It worked. This photo and the one of Chico in the chair were taken with my I pad. Maybe I will be able to continue with this blog and I won't have to slit my wrists or run screaming in the streets.

My new chair

My new chair

Here are more photos of Revolution Day

Morning Thoughts

I have about had my fill of computers and the internet.  The problem I had with two photos overlapping will not go away. Now I am back to my old macbook pro and it too does the same thing. I have a Mexican keyboard on this computer which makes it even harder for me. And it has no photo program.  In other words, I may not be writing on my  blog for awhile. I may have to buy another computer. I may just shoot myself..... anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Feria del Arte

Monday, November 23, 2015

Problem with photo on Day of the Dead post

I had problems with putting on a photo of my friend when she wanted to hold the baby. The baby started crying and my friend was upset too. I really liked the photo but something strange happened with it. I ended up with two of the same photo and overlapping photos. I tried erasing the entire post and starting over but same problem kept happening. I am going to blame it on the I pad and not my stupidity. I know the blame is misplaced. 

And so sorry Scott for not posting your comment about it. Sometimes when I try to punch post I accidentally punch delete.  On the I pad they are very close together. And there is no way that I know of to get it back. I had hoped to have slipped that messy post past everyone because I liked the photo so much. That didn't happen. It is good to know that my mistakes get noticed. That means my blog is still being read.  Thank you Scott. Sometimes I wish my regular computer still worked . It was so much easier for me to use than this I pad. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Anita's Animal Shelter grand bazaar

Saturday and Sunday Nov. 21 and 22 fund raiser sale. For Anita's Animal Shelter. At carretera 89 below hole in one golf school. Ten to five. 

Day of the Dead

Saturday, November 14, 2015