Thursday, July 31, 2014

Morning Thoughts

Last night's sunset as seen from my deck. This morning we had thunder and lots of rain. Of course, our electricity went out again.  It goes out almost every time there is a storm and this is the middle of the rainy season. We have outages several times a week. Not much to do in the mornings except go back to bed. It is finally clearing up and maybe it will be nice enough to take a walk with Chico.

I had planned on going to the spa this morning. Maybe tomorrow. It is very crowded there now. Best to go as soon as it opens or it gets too crowded. This is summer holidays. Families go in there, bring picnics and stay all day. At the cost of 210 pesos per adult and 110 pesos per child, it has to become an all day thing.

This weekend I have plans to take a boat ride out to the island in Chapala. I am looking forward to that and I will write about it for I will put photos on my blog. I am crossing my fingers that we won't have another rain storm in the morning.  It is hard to predict the weather even though I have the weather site on my computer. They are often wrong.

I see a little bit of blue sky out my window now so I will close this out and take Chico for his walk. His happiest time of the day.

Wednesday Market part 3

Clothing for sale.
This is a Huichol beaded purse. Small but expensive, 500 pesos.
I love these purses.

Wednesday Market in Ajijic part 2

I hate seeing these puppies in small cages.
This is Anita's Animal Shelter stand.
She is selling candied yams and squash

Another Wednesday Market in Ajijic