Friday, July 11, 2014

My Bus Ride into Chapala this Morning---Grace

My ex boyfriend was sitting behind me on the bus ride into Chapala.  He sang a couple of romantic songs to me.  I wish we could have made a go of that relationship but we were both too lazy to learn the other's language. That makes communication exhausting. I still have a lot of affection for him and it is always a pleasure to run into him.

He sang What A Wonderful World. It is a wonderful world. I  appreciate the sunshine after those hard rains..... I appreciate the gift of his songs. I appreciate being alive and well. This evening I got on you tube and listened to Louis Armstrong singing What a Wonderful World. A good ending to a peaceful day for me.  It makes up for all the problems in my life recently.  A bit of grace after the chaos of storms, leaks and darkness. The biggest darkness is the passing away of my son's dog.  Oscar, we will miss you!


  1. Really? I love this guy and the music he plays with his son! Definitely worth a language lesson. You have a thing for musicians. He seems like such a gentle soul.

    1. Hi Pat, Yes he is very gentle. That is what I love about him.... And you are right, I have a thing for musicians. p