Sunday, July 6, 2014

Morning Thoughts

It is Sunday morning and I am at loose ends, not knowing what to do today. I had planned on going to the Lake Chapala Society to listen to a lecture on climate change. When I woke up, it was sunny outside. The sky was a beautiful blue.

.It is the first sunny morning we have had in a very long time. But now it is once again clouding over. I looked at the weather report and two storms are expected to come in this morning. Think I will cancel sitting outside, listening to the climate change lecture. I don't know if this is climate change or not. Maybe when I lived downstairs, indoors, I didn't notice all the rain in the summers. Up here, I live mostly outside and so I notice it.

I went to the American Legion for a fried chicken lunch on the Fourth of July. It was very crowded. I only saw one person I knew. She was sitting with other people and there was no room for me at their table. There were only a few extra chairs and I finally found one at a table by myself. There was a live band and a few people were dancing. I am not a terribly social person and I am not comfortable in crowds, especially if I am sitting alone. So I quickly ate my lunch and left.

My family skyped me later on in the evening. It looked like they were all having a blast and that made me feel even more lonely. That is one of the hard things about living in Mexico. I miss my family, especially on holidays. The Fourth of July was always one of my favorite holidays. Not this year.

At night, I saw about five of those huge fireworks. I don't know who set them off. Obviously, July Fourth isn't a Mexican holiday or a Canadian holiday. So it must have been some American expats. They were beautiful and even added to my since of isolation.   Oh well, I have to accept those kinds of days in order to be able to enjoy all the other great ones.

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