Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Morning Thoughts- Broken cameras and ankles

Another Wednesday market day. I am happy to be back home after my vacation.  One of the best things about going away is coming back and seeing things through new eyes. New eyes. That is one reason I enjoy meeting people who are here for the first time. They point out to me the interesting things that I no longer see because I take them for granted.

The weather is perfect here now. The cold snap is gone. Now the days will be getting longer. I like the long days and short nights. Since I have been hanging around with Tammy, I am getting out at night. That makes life more interesting. There are a lot of things to do here at night. We often go to the plaza with our dogs, have coffee and watch all the action. I love being in the plaza at night. Chico and Tammy's dog, Kito, love it too. 

I have now worn out my third camera. Someone asked me the other day, "How can you wear out a camera?"  But it happens when the camera is being used everyday. For every photo I post, there are twenty that I don't post. This time the zoom lens stopped working. All I get is white whenever I try to zoom in on anything. I am bidding on another one through e bay this morning. I love the Canon Elphs because they take great pictures and they are small enough for me to carry around all the time.

Tomorrow I am going on the zoo trip with the LCS bus. No zoom photos of the animals. That will be disappointing for me. I have never done this trip. Last time I paid for it and a few days before going, I fell into the lake and broke my ankle. LCS does NOT refund your money, no matter what the excuse. I hope nothing happens between today and tomorrow morning so I can make it this time. I will post some of the photos but I doubt if they will be very interesting without the zoom.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Favorite Beach Photo

Kito's first time on the beach
This photo was taken by my friend Tammy. Kito is her little dog....

A Visit to the town of Tequila

San Blas Jungle boat ride

Boat passing ours
Rest stop at end of ride
Old movie set in the jungle

San Blas

Abandoned chursh
Old Fort
Photos inside the fort
Hotel near San Blas

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Morning Thoughts from San Blas

It is difficult for me to believe that it is still morning. San Blas is one hour behind Ajijic and I have been up since six a.m. Tammy and I already walked through the town, ate breakfast and took many photos. Now we are waiting for Pat to return from an errand and we will visit another beach and take more photos.

I am glad I came to visit but also glad that it is only for a few days. I am not used to the humidity. The temperature is just a few degrees higher than Ajijic's but the humidity is much higher. I am having troubles with my breathing and that makes walking harder for me. Maybe I would get used to this weather if  were to stay longer but I am now looking forward to going home. I consider Ajijic my home now. I miss it.

I miss Chico and that crazy demanding kitty who also isn't mine but she thinks I am hers. Leslie has been going to my casita and taking Chico for a walk. Also feeding the kitty. She said that after two mornings of complaining in that terrible yowling voice of unhappy cats, she took off.  She likes to be petted while she eats and I guess Leslie didn't pet her enough. (What a demanding kitty.)  And I miss the beautiful weather where I can walk without breathing problems.

When we first arrived, someone asked what I liked about Ajijic. I started listing all the things until her eyes appeared to be glazing over and I shut up.   She is a beach person and she couldn't imagine living in a place that didn't have a beach. And at one time I felt the same way. Not anymore. Now I love Ajijic and swimming at the spa. I love the restaurants, the social structure where there is so much to do, all my friends...... Okay your eyes may now be glazing over too. I will quit with my long list of things I love about Ajijic.  

We are going back tomorrow morning early.... Ajijic, here I come....

Monday, January 20, 2014

Morning Thoughts

Tomorrow is our last day in Puerto Vallarta. We are staying at a fancy hotel in the marina area, the Westin.  What a beautiful hotel! I am right now watching the sunrise from the deck. We met up with my friends Pat and Doug. They were also visiting here and they invited us to spend a few days in San Blas at their house. I haven't been there for a couple of years and I am really looking forward to going with Pat to the local beaches there.

Tammy has never been to San Blas. All she knows about it is the jejenes. If you ask anyone here about San Blas, that is their first response.  The jejenes. They are worse than mosquitoes. So it is a forgotten town, unspoiled by development and tourists. It has some of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen. Thank you jejenes for keeping it unspoiled by development!  It makes me a little sad to see what has happened to Puerto Vallarta in the past ten years.

The beaches here in Puerto Vallarta leave much to be desired. I haven't been here for many years and since I was here they have built malecons all along the beach so that it is no longer large enough to be called a beach.  Everything has built up since I was here. I remember when there was nothing around the marina, not even a grocery store. Now it is filled with boutique shops. Very expensive too.

Now is the best time of the year to visit this area. It isn't too hot here yet. I am really enjoying my beach vacation and best of all, it makes me appreciate where I live. There are so many advantages of the lakeside area. The weather. The small community of expats. The inexpensive restaurants and good food. The social structure of things to do. The beauty of the lake and the mountains..... I feel very lucky that I live there.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Puerto Vallarta

Cruise ship going back out to sea

The Westin Hotel in Puerto Vallarta

View from our room.

Trip to Puerto Vallarta

Our truck overheated as we were going over the mountain. We spent some time sitting around with this family. The man was very helpful.

Lunch on the Plaza with Elsie, Geri and Peggy

Elsie turned 100 years old a few months ago. She was written about in the Guadalajara Reporter.
Elsie, Peggy, Geri and Chico

Lunch in the Ajijic Plaza with Stuart and Melinda

Ajijic Plaza at Night

Dance lessons