Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last Wednesday Market in Ajijic

This looks like an unhappy puppy
Mamey and nuts

The Chapala Plaza

Friday's Fish Veracruz Special at the American Legion

This was delicious, 65 pesos.

Yesterday in Chapala

Nice Ride.
The pinatas are all down the street

Drinks Last Night with Friends

It was too hard to stay angry after my terrible encounter with that man on the bus because I went out with friends to La Nueva Posada for drinks. I rarely go out at night and I am not much of a drinker but last night I had two Margaretta's. I forgot all about my encounter on the bus. Nothing like good company, a beautiful environment and sunset and drinks to change one's mood. Thank you friends for your help..... What would I do without you?

Huichol Indian Beaded Crafts

Huichol Beaded Jewelry

This is all beaded. Must have taken months to make
Large beaded sun
Sidewalk in La Nueva Posada