Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Hospital in Guadalajara

The clinic across the street from the hospital
View from the window at the doctor's office
The wall at Dr. Arch's Office
Dr Arch
These women work in Dr. Arch's office
Above are photos of my adventure into Guadalajara to see the Oncologist, Dr. Arch. The taxi driver from here didn't know the way and I was late. I HATE being late to anything. I think it is extremely disrespectful and my nerves were really on edge by the time I got there after the taxi driver went around in circles, yelling out the window for directions. But everyone at the hospital was very kind.

Dr. Arch said I have to have my thyroid removed. The surgery is set up for January 3rd in a small hospital in Guadalajara. My friend Leslie is taking me and she will stay with me overnight there.

The taxi driver got lost again on the way out of Guadalajara and it took him an hour to get us out of town. I was showing him the Chapala signs and I know nothing about Guadalajara. It took us two hours to get home instead of forty five minutes and I was exhausted. The taxi driver made more money than the Oncologist...... The Oncologist charged me 500 pesos. The taxi driver charged me 110 pesos.

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