Sunday, December 2, 2012

Some Things I have Learned about Eating Out

I took a long walk with Chico this morning and stopped by a new restaurant for a bowl of beans. If you have read very far back on my blog, you already know that I love to eat out. Since starting my new diet, I have had to learn some new rules for myself. Here they are:

1.  Don't eat the bread they serve before the meal. I love those sour dough rolls with butter but I have learned to give them to someone else at the table.

2.  Don't order a drink. Order water with no ice. Ice is bad for the stomach. And don't drink too much water either.

3.  Pass on the salt shaker. I have had to learn to love the taste of the food as it is served to me.

4. First check out the appetizers because they might be healthier than the main courses. At least they are smaller and I am less likely to eat too much.

5. This is a hard one for me because I was taught to never leave food on the plate because of the starving people in China. But I am learning to leave food on the plate. Just because it is there, it doesn't mean I have to eat it all. I am a grown up now and I can make that decision.

5. Don't be afraid to taste something that I wouldn't have ordered for myself because it is too rich or not on my diet. If I don't at least taste, then I feel deprived. Feeling deprived is the worst thing for a diet.

6. Don't order dessert. Don't even look at it.

7. Most restaurants either have delicious food or a beautiful view. It is hard to find one that has both. I prefer the delicious food. I can see the view after I eat. Walking is a good thing to do after a meal anyway.

8.  Eat slowly. That too is hard for me. I have always been a a fast eater.

9.  Even if I only order a little bit of food that doesn't cost much, I like to leave a good tip. Service is service, no matter what the cost of the meal.

10. Don't be afraid of food, or become a food fanatic. And it is okay to slip and eat things that aren't on my diet. No reason to beat myself up for those slips. 

So those are my new rules about eating out and they seem to be helping me with this new diet. I think the most important rule for myself is to be KIND to myself. Be kind and patient and not beat myself up for when I eat things that aren't on the diet.  Self love, that has always been a hard one for me.


  1. Pat,

    I've been reading your blog for some months now (starting at the beginning). I am only 6 months behind now, but I had to post a comment from this blog entry.

    A Chinese kid wouldn't eat his rice. His mother said, "Eat your rice. Think of all the starving American kids who have no rice."

    Fixin' Dixon VA

    1. Thanks for the laugh..... Brave of you to read all my posts. Even I wouldn't bother to do that. P