Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Rainy Sunday Afternoon

It is raining. I am glad I came home this afternoon. I lost my umbrella a couple of weeks ago and haven't bothered to buy another one. I wasn't expecting any rain this time of year. Chico is hiding out with me in my casita. Now I hear thunder. More rain is coming down. It isn't cold. It feels refreshing. The sun is starting to come out. I bet if I were to go out in the rain, I would see a rainbow but I don't want to get wet. I am feeling kind of lazy today. Maybe I should plan a little day trip. I haven't been able to go anyplace because I am in the FM3 application process. Every time I think I have everything done, the attorney calls me and asks for more paperwork. Or a copy of paperwork that I have already given them. It is very frustrating.

When I put in the application, I was told it wouldn't take over twenty days at the most. Well, I think it is going to be more like two months..... I promised myself I wouldn't go anywhere until I have that FM3. I also want to apply for the IMSS. That is the Mexican health care insurance but it doesn't kick in until after three years. I need to get that started. I also want to apply for the DIF card. As a senior citizen I can get half off bus tickets with that card. My friend, Clare, just did an application for a friend and she said that the Mexicans don't like to give it to the expats. They don't think it is fair that we should have these privileges. I don't blame them for that. But I would like to take some long distance bus trips at half price. Maybe go to Oaxaca. It is just a matter of being patient right now. Manana, Mexico's often used word.

Sunday Celebration

The person in the woman's costume above is throwing flour at everyone. I don't know if these are men dressed up like women or women being silly. Very strange costumes. People are running away so they don't get floured.

Someone told me that the flouring and dancing goes on every Sunday for four Sundays in a row. This is the second one. After that, the carnival will be here. This dog got caught running in the wrong direction. At least he has a coat to protect him from all the flour.

After all the excitement of dancing, flouring and running, I walked to the chicken place and bought lunch. Chico helped me eat it after we got home. This little girl didn't look happy. Maybe she felt left out of all the fun. Or maybe she didn't like me taking her picture.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Quiet Saturday in Ajijic

I took Chico up to the Jardin Restaurant in the Plaza and had breakfast. Two musicians were playing some Jazz. Not many people were around. I was surprised. Usually it takes me a long time to get a table there.

This man offered to let me take his kayak out on the lake. Unfortunately, I was on my way to meet my friend Clare. I hope I run into him again sometime. I would love to go out on the lake with it. It is inflatable. I have one but it is a sit-on-top and I am afraid to use it. I have never taken it out.

Chico and Clare's dogs didn't know what to think of this miniature pony. Look at Chico's ears. He always puts them back like that when he is nervous or upset.

This is another three day week end. Tomorrow is Constitution Day. I thought it would have been very crowded here but I was surprised. It was quiet.

Another sunset. Another day gone. I am glad I spent it doing the things I love.

Talent Contest at La Bodega

Another talent contest has started at La Bodega on Wednesday nights. They start sometime after eight. There are six contestants and the three winners go on to sing on the last night. Unfortunately, four of them didn't show up on Wednesday. The only two singers both won. I guess you would say, fortunately for them that they had no competition. The contest goes on for several weeks. I don't remember the last date. It is a fund raiser. Each night is for a different organization. Last Wednesday was for the Red Cross. Not many people were there. I hope next week will have a better turn out and all the contestants will show up.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Sunset

I have been taking hundreds of photos of the sunsets. I go down by the water almost every evening with Chico and take photos. Every evening, at least to my eyes, is different. Hope I am not boring you too much with these sunset photos. I am obsessed......

An Evening at Real de Chapala Restaurant

I went to the Real de Chapala Restaurant with my friend Dale for the sunset. The place was almost empty. We had dinner inside because just as the sun started to go down, a wind came up and it was chilly. Their food is good and the atmosphere is very relaxing.