Friday, January 15, 2010

The Video Library at the Lake Chapala Society

I went to the Lake Chapala Society this morning with Chico. I decided to check their video library. They sometimes have DVDs and Videos for sale. I found three DVDs and when I took it up to the counter I told the volunteer that I didn't like buying pirated movies. Besides being illegal and immoral, they are awful. The sound is bad. The lighting is always flashing and you can hear people coughing in the theater. Sometimes you even see a head of a person in the movie theater. Or the heads are cut off of the actors in the movies. So he told me a funny experience his friend had involving DVDs. His friend went to Saudi Arabia. When people arrive at the airport, all their DVDs and Videos are taken away for one week. After his friend got his DVDs back, he was walking around at the market and he saw pirated copies of his daughter's wedding that he had handed over at the airport for a week. I guess they didn't know it wasn't a movie. I got a laugh out of that.

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