Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Photos of the Laguna Bed and Breakfast


  1. Hi, Pat. Have been enjoying your blog as always. Makes me feel so much better. Stressed tryying to sell house! Anyway, I have another ? for you. Where is Laguna B&B in comparison to Nueva Posada? that's where we stayed before,so I remember that area. Also, when you went to Guad. on bus, did you get on in Ajijic or at term in Chapala. We did the terminal both ways...Price, not sure which is better... Anyway, bless you for blogging, does wonders for my blood pressure! Sylvie

  2. Hi Sylvie, Thank you for writing and also for looking at my blog from time to time. I am also trying to sell my mobile home in the States so I understand your stress. It is very depressing. Laguna B&B is just off the main street. La Nueva Posada is by the lake. They are walking distance from each other. I got on the bus for Guadalajara at the local bus stop by Salvador's Restaurant. You can get on at any bus stop and the price is the same. Less than three dollars. Patricia