Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Quiet Saturday in Ajijic

I took Chico up to the Jardin Restaurant in the Plaza and had breakfast. Two musicians were playing some Jazz. Not many people were around. I was surprised. Usually it takes me a long time to get a table there.

This man offered to let me take his kayak out on the lake. Unfortunately, I was on my way to meet my friend Clare. I hope I run into him again sometime. I would love to go out on the lake with it. It is inflatable. I have one but it is a sit-on-top and I am afraid to use it. I have never taken it out.

Chico and Clare's dogs didn't know what to think of this miniature pony. Look at Chico's ears. He always puts them back like that when he is nervous or upset.

This is another three day week end. Tomorrow is Constitution Day. I thought it would have been very crowded here but I was surprised. It was quiet.

Another sunset. Another day gone. I am glad I spent it doing the things I love.

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