Monday, January 11, 2010

The Celebration at the Horse Rental Place

I wonder what that little pony was thinking.

This is the entrance of the party. I met an American woman there. She said she wouldn't go in because the people were "too happy". I think that was her polite way of saying there was a lot of drinking going on. It was a huge group of people and horses. I witnessed a horse race. Someone pulled me out of the way just in time. I didn't know they were coming right to where I was standing. I didn't notice which horse won the race. I was just glad to be alive.

There was a large group of men surrounding something. I didn't want to try to get through to see what they were watching. My friend, Clare, said they were watching a Cock Fight. I am glad I didn't see it.

This man was feeling no pain. He was playing his crutch.

Those speakers were putting out a lot of very loud dance music. The children were the only ones dancing when I was there.

The three photos above are Fresian horses. Clare knew the breed. They are beautiful. Notice their hooves and their braided manes.....Unfortunately, it was getting too dark for me to get good photos of them. They were dancing and one horse was bowing.

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