Monday, January 11, 2010

Curious Dogs at the Lake Chapala Society

Chico and the street dog, both trying to get close to the princess dog.

The street dog, above, comes into the Lake Chapala Society everyday just to visit. He only has one eye but he is extremely good natured. He wants to see the little dog in the woman's arms.

There she is, the little princess.

I took a walk to the Lake Chapala Society with Chico. Everyone fell in love with this little dog, including Chico and a street dog. As you can see, she was well dressed for the cold weather.


  1. FYI-A photo contest-With all the wonderful pics you post, thought this might interest you
    "La Vida En Chapala"

    The theme this year is what life in Chapala means to you. It can be Mexican life or foreign life, it can be poor life or rich life, it can be the towns, the plazas or the neighborhood abarrotes or taverns. It can be the children or Huichol Indians or a donkey hauling cargo or even the lake...whatever you think symbolizes life in the municipality (which includes Ajijic, San Antonio, and Riberas del Pilar).

    There are three categories: Professional, Amateur, and Student. Photographers can pick up entry forms and all the specifics at Quattro Gallery, Colon #9, Ajijic, 1/2 block down from the main plaza. Photos are due back to Quattro by February 1st.

    The Guadalajara Reporter will feature First Place winners (in each category) and their winning photos in a photo spread in the he newspaper. Further, all Winners and Honorable Mentions can exhibit (and sell) their photos at Quattro in March.
    Contest is open to everyone, non-residents as well as residents, foreign and Mexican.
    For further information, stop by Quattro or call Jill Flyer at 766-3025
    You can also download photo entry forms on our website http://www.quattroaj...attrophoto.html in PDF format

    Good Luck

  2. Thank you Jeanne, I will look into it. Patricia