Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In and Near the Ajijic Plaza

Mangoes are in season now and they are everywhere.

A New Thai Restaurant in Ajijic

Marie is enjoying her spring roll.

The Rustica Restaurant in Ajijic

This sculpture is made out of cardboard. The restaurant owner and creator of it is standing below it.

Tree in Bloom in Ajijic and Lake Chapala Society

Lake Chapala Society and Open Circle

Jim Spivey getting ready for Open Circle on Sunday.
My friend Ross, the candy man, arriving at Open Circle.
My friend Marie at Open Circle
Open Circle.

Children on the Bus

They were so interested in me that I got out my camera and took their picture.

Clothing Store near the Chapala Malecon

The American Legion in Chapala

I took a photo of this mural on the way to the Legion

Lunch with my friends. How lucky I am to have so many friends!