Saturday, May 27, 2017

Morning Thoughts

We had a storm last night. I don't know how long it lasted because I went to sleep. But this morning the air was cool, the birds were singing, roosters crowing, chickens clucking and my cat, Olive, was hysterical. I don't know what was wrong with her. She always sits happily in front of me while I type on my i pad but this morning she couldn't keep still. She went to the front window to look out, which she often does, but this time she was howling as if she were a prisoner inside a cage. I hope my neighbors didn't hear her and think that I was torturing her. Then she ran to the kitchen, then the living room again and then to the back bedroom and then the outside patio, still howling all the way. I went out to try to calm her down but she would have none of it.

I think maybe she was just freaked out because things were different. Everything outside was wet and cool. Some leaves were on the patio. She doesn't seem to like any kind of change. Neither do I so I understand her state of mind. Finally, she calmed down and then sat quietly, looking out the front window. She is okay now. But things are back to normal. No more wet streets. I swept up the leaves, and it is getting hot again. Hot and muggy. 

Maybe last night was the first night of the rainy season. Hard to tell because we have had a few rain storms in the past month. I remember that the American Legion once or maybe more than once took bets on when the rainy season would start. But that is a hard thing to measure. We have a few rains and then no rain. Then a few more. I think they finally stopped taking bets. 

My son and daughter-in-law are moving from Portland, Oregon to Overland Park, Kansas. In case you have never heard of that town, it is halfway between Kansas City, KS and Lawrence, KS. My son finished all his schooling to get his B.A. In Interdisciplinary Music and he is going to the University of Kansas to get his Ph.D. In Jazz in Lawrence, KS. He will also be a teaching assistant. He is excited. No more teaching beginning sax to children. (That is sax, not sex. Autocorrect, keep away from my words)  He will be teaching college students with experience and talent. And getting paid. (I got my degree in Interdisciplinary Art from the University of California in Santa Cruz in 1973. Now I can't even spell Interdisciplinary. I had to spell check to see if I had spelled it right. I had thought that all the Interdisciplinary  degrees had gone by the wayside. I am glad they are still around. People need to be more well rounded. I, for sure, am well rounded now---in my belly.) 

My daughter-in-law will be working at the VA hospital in Kansas. So Overland Park is just a thirty minute drive for each of them. Unless there is a tornado. But no reason for me to bring that up. It is my job as a mother to worry but also not to tell them that I worry. They are moving in a few days, out of Portland. Looks like I may never get back to Portland. Not sure if I will even make it to Kansas. I may go to Oaxaca in December. They are going to Oaxaca for a couple of weeks then. I will have to see if I have the energy to make that trip. (Anyone want to stay in my place while I am gone, to take care of Olive and Chico? Have Christmas in Ajijic? I can't afford to pay for a sitter but I will pay the rent and utilities.) I haven't gone anywhere further than San Blas for several years now. But I miss my family. One of the very few disadvantages of living in Mexico..... Missing family. 

I think this is Memorial Day weekend in the United States. If so, Happy Memorial Day to all of you living up NOB. Everyday is a holiday for me here so I can't keep up with the holidays up there. 

Olive, the prisoner, looking out my front window.

Chico, awake and looking out the window.

Very Blurry photo of a hummingbird sitting on my ceiling fan before finally finding it's way back outside. I must have taken thirty photos of that hummingbird flying around but only managed to get this one. Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of a flying hummingbird with a cheap camera? 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday Market once again in Ajijic

This little dog reminds me of Chico.
Chico's top knot was cut off. He has his summer cut now. I think he was a little upset that I was taking photos of another dog.

The market wasn't crowded at all this morning.

See anything you like? Good price, just for you, my friend!


The woman on the left with the red hat is the cook for Salvador's Restaurant.
The man in the above photo is selling honey. 
The man in the above photo is the one selling the cactus fruit in the previous two photos. This is only available a short time of the year. Now is the time. I think they are beautiful. Good too but filled with seeds. The fruit is named Pitaya. 
These look like delicious watermelons, right from the farm. There are so many different kinds of fruit that are ripe now. 
The man on the left is a professional dog walker. Sometimes he walks six dogs at once. 

The photo above is of a flower that started growing on the entrance to my house. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Health Care in Ajijic, Helpers

I wrote two very long articles about my experiences with the health care in this area. I have lived here ten years and have been in four different hospitals for operations, both public and private hospitals, and researched extensively about the clinics, the Red Cross, IMSS and SP. But the articles are too long for my blog. They are posted on under Local Clinics and Doctors in the Lakeside Area. 

I spent several months researching about the health care here, even going to four lectures. And I hate sitting in lectures. 

 My friend, Tom, wants to make a website specifically for health care here and put my entire articles on it and add more to it, especially about options for recovery from addictions, but neither of us knows how to set it up. (My son set up my blog in Portland years ago.)  If anyone out there is interested in doing that for the community, please let me know. There would be some money in it, but not a lot. You would mostly be doing it as a service for the community. 

 I have a very short list of helpers. I have learned from being in the hospitals that it is important to have a helper with you. If you stay in the hospital you need someone to stay with you and act as interpreter (unless you have excellent Spanish)  and also act as your nurse. One person told me that the nurses have apps on their phones and can communicate with you that way but that was not my experiences in the hospitals. I would have been totally lost without my friend Leslie there with me all the time. 

Thank you so much Leslie! I will always love you for all your help. If it hadn't been for my landlord, Pepe, noticing that I hadn't been out of my apartment for four days and calling Ellie and Ellie calling Leslie and Ellie and Leslie and Sory and the doctor and the nurse coming over, I wouldn't have survived because I had sepsis and blood poisoning and was at death's door. So I KNOW how important it is to have help when you need it. It is too late to try to arrange it when you are dying. I had a lot of caring people in my little apartment discussing what to do with me while I was in the other room happily floating out the window as I was dying. Until Leslie FORCED me to go to the hospital. (What are friends for anyway if not to make you keep on living when you are happy to die?). 

If you know of anyone interested in being on this list, please let me know that too. Of course they can charge what they want. That would be prearranged between the helper and person needing help.  It is very difficult to get a Mexican who speaks English and has a car and the TIME to stay in the hospital. I have three helpers who will stay in the hospital with people as long as needed. Only one woman, Sory, and she doesn't have a car. She came to my house when I almost died. She slept on a chair beside my bed in case I needed to get up for any reason. She speaks both Spanish and English and is young and strong.

 Two Mexican men. I don't know them personally but they are friends of a close friend of mine. Tom used Anthony and he was very happy with Anthony's excellent help. And lastly, there are three names of people who own cars and will drive people to the hospitals and doctors offices or anywhere else and interpret, but they will not stay in the hospitals. When or if we get the website set up, I will let you know. Here is the list. First of helpers who will stay in the hospital with you:

Manu Diaz, phone number 331 828 8111.  He also speaks French

Anthony Ramirez 331 339 5497

Sory Vazquez, so far the only woman willing to stay but has no car 045 332 0824102

These next three people will drive you to the doctors or hospitals and maybe other trips but will not stay in the hospitals with you:

Luzma Grande, the only woman who will just drive and interpret 376 1562or 045 333 452 1670

Brian Clark, Former owner of Vida Alarms 331 157 5561

Gabriel Orea 331 348 3228.  I have had his photo on my blog twice before and he is very reliable. I have not used the others except Sory. I hope this helps for now.   

I want to add one more name. Ellie Basulto. She was my former landlord's maid for eight years. And when I was home from the hospital, she came in and knew exactly what to do. She cleaned up the horrible mess I had made and she cooked some delicious meals for me. I love her Fish Veracruz. She doesn't speak English. But she understands what needs to be done if you need help for a few days in your home. Her number is: 331 132 1541. She is very trustworthy and good natured. I have great respect and love for Ellie. 

I went to the Integrity clinic to check out Sory's phone number. They only had the one I posted. I will keep looking. That IS the right number for Sory. I just called it and she answered. She is still interested in being a helper. 

Please let me know if you have someone else to add to this list. There is no charge for them to be on it. SALUD!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lunch at Media Luna

Media Luna is right around the corner from the Ajijic Plaza. They have good sandwiches. And they allow dogs. Chico sat quietly and patiently beside me while I had lunch with a friend. 


I would call that a beautiful photo but in reality, that is a beautiful young woman. She would make any photo spectacular. I also like the smile on the woman behind her. What a fun place to have lunch. I felt so welcome there. Chico too. 

Sunday afternoon in the Ajijic Plaza with Chico

That boat ride looks like it might be fun. Maybe I will give them a call.

I don't know if the dog above was waiting for someone or sad or just enjoying the sunshine. No telling what goes through a dog's head. 
Above is the man who shines shoes. I don't know if that little boy is related to him or just talking to him but I liked the photo of them. The woman sitting nearby isn't with either of them.  She sells candy at her card table next to her.
Chico and maybe a new friend.

The children's art show is still up. I like these two the best so I took photos of them again. Hard to believe that a five year old did the first one.
 I love Sunday afternoons at the Ajijic Plaza. So many people are out and enjoying themselves. 

Chico is making another friend. 

Those are eggs on the cloth are filled with confetti. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mangoes are in season now

Today for the first time this year the truck came by selling mangoes. They are in season now. I wish I had bought more. What was I thinking??? They rarely come by and I love mangoes. Here is a photo of the ones I bought for about one dollar.


Focon De Charolette Restaurant Photos


This is Charolette. She is the daughter of the owner. 

This is their pizza oven. Also used to make bread and cook some meats. Their food is delicious.

Owners. Lore and Charlie. They started Lake Taco restaurant and worked there for seven years and then last year opened their own restaurant up the street. 

They have specials every week. Changing on Tuesdays. If you go to facebook under their restaurant name you can see photos of the week's specials.

They deliver for free from Ajijic to Chapala.


Barbecue Ribs

Pork Shank that comes with baked potatoes and veggies and salad. It cooks in that pizza oven for six hours before it is served. 

I love this new restaurant. It has been there almost a year now and is very successful.