Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Yard Sale Find

There was a yard sale around the corner from the Ajijic Plaza. I bought a beautiful small book of drawings by Paul Klee. The drawings reminded me of one of the drawings done by a 12 month old child that was up at the plaza. So I put that one on too. It is a bit hard to see because there was shade on it but give it a try. Below is a photo of the sale.
The photo above is of the book I bought. It is all in German.

The four photos above are were done by Paul Klee. The next drawing was done by a 12 month old girl.

I took about eight photos of this drawing, trying to get it clear. I couldn't do it because of the shadows. But I loved it and it reminds me of the four drawings done by Paul Klee. 


  1. The spa looks delightful. What's its name? are the waters naturally warmed?

    Don Cuevas

    1. Hi Don, The waters are natural sulfer waters from the mountain and come out at 205 degrees. They have to be cooled down, not warmed up. I am not sure of the name of the place. I just call it the Agua Thermales. That is what the sign says when you are on the bus going towards Jocotopec. There is also another one that is next door. It is more expensive but no one under 18 is allowed. That makes it very peaceful. Thanks for writing. P