Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lunch with my friends Pablo and David in West Ajijic

After the spa yesterday I went to visit my friends Pablo, David and their dog Gracie. They bought a house in West Ajijic and remodeled it. It is really beautiful. They have an upstairs mirador. We walked over the their neighborhood restaurant. I had passed it on the bus on the way to the spa for months and thought maybe it was an expat restaurant and it was. The food was delicious but a bit high priced for me. Fortunately, Pablo paid for my meal. He and David were living in Costa Rica and weren't happy. They started reading my blog and decided to come up here to live because my blog made it look like a nice place. It is good for me to hear that I have some influence with my blog. Every so often I get together with David and Pablo for a meal which they always buy. I met Gracie for the first time yesterday. What a sweet heart. 
Pablo and David's new house gate.

View from their mirador.
The Domenech is on Ocampo
My meal was eggplant with chocolate sauce dripped over it.
Pablo and the waitress. I didn't catch her name.
Pablo, me and David.


  1. Gracie does look like a sweetie, and that sale looks delicious! Is that some meat sliced on top?

  2. Hi Deborah, Yes it was very good food. And that looks like bacon slices. That wasn't my salad. Thanks for writing. P