Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday Market once again in Ajijic

This little dog reminds me of Chico.
Chico's top knot was cut off. He has his summer cut now. I think he was a little upset that I was taking photos of another dog.

The market wasn't crowded at all this morning.

See anything you like? Good price, just for you, my friend!


The woman on the left with the red hat is the cook for Salvador's Restaurant.
The man in the above photo is selling honey. 
The man in the above photo is the one selling the cactus fruit in the previous two photos. This is only available a short time of the year. Now is the time. I think they are beautiful. Good too but filled with seeds. The fruit is named Pitaya. 
These look like delicious watermelons, right from the farm. There are so many different kinds of fruit that are ripe now. 
The man on the left is a professional dog walker. Sometimes he walks six dogs at once. 

The photo above is of a flower that started growing on the entrance to my house. 


  1. Jealous again-----I loved all the fruit that is available. The cactus fruit is called TUNAS in the U.S. I buy than puree in food blender atrain to remove the seeds and freeze to make Aqua Frescas later in the summer. Also use in marinades for grilled Meats of all kinds. LOVE THAT MARKET---would go crazy with the rustic pots.

    1. Hi Larry, thanks for that suggestion. It sounds like a good way to get rid of those seeds. They are also called tunas here. Very healthy little fruits. P