Sunday, May 14, 2017


Two Mother's Days in one week. Not that Olive or Chico know what day it is, or care. That is one of the nice things about owning pets. They keep a person grounded on what is important. For example, the next photo......
Chico has already decided that it is time to go back to sleep.  Sunday. Mother's Day. Doesn't matter. It is just another day in their lives. Animals accept whatever comes along. 

Today I am going in the morning to the Ajijic Plaza to see the puppies that one of the rescue centers is bringing into town. They must be overrun with puppies right now. So there will be some salesmanship going on to try to get homes for them. Then I will go at two in the afternoon to Isabella Maria's for a Ukulele performance. Sounds like it is going to be a fun day. Unfortunately, Chico will have to stay home. He can't go into the restaurant and he most likely wouldn't like the puppies either. He also barks whenever people clap. He HATES clapping..... so he can nap the rest of the day here. 

I just got a message from my friend Pat that the Ukulele performance is Monday, not today. So, lucky Chico. He can go with me to the plaza today and see all the puppies. Again, Happy USA Mother's Day. 

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