Monday, March 26, 2018

Palm Sunday at the Ajijic Plaza

These are called Palmas. Made just for this holiday. 

All the food was cooked the way it was cooked a hundred years ago. No electricity, just an open fire or coals. It was delicious.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Capirotada festival in Ajijic

Capirotada is a bread pudding that is made at this time of the year. They had a contest for the best one. I don't know which one won but there were 27 contestants.

A tightrope walker.

They were giving everyone free samples.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Chico and I visit a friend in San Antonio

Chico and I took the taxi to visit our friends in San Antonio. A woman who decided that she liked living there more than in Ajijic and her two little dogs. Chico loves them all and has tried to go over to see them every day since they moved away. We used to walk to their house in the mornings. I like San Antonio too. I had not spent much time there. We walked to the plaza and had fish tacos in a little stand across the street from it. 

The problem was getting back home. The taxi driver did now show up at three as he had promised. I waited in her house for two hours after three, calling every taxi driver I knew. They were all busy. I can't take Chico on the bus and after two hours I was ready to walk home but it was too hot to walk. I finally got a taxi and as I was giving my address to him, he rudely put up his hand for me to shut up while he took another call. Then he went and picked up two other women and took them home first.

  Funny, the woman in the back seat with me said she needed to call the taxi driver she had called to let him know that she got another driver. She dialed the number. The driver's phone rang while he was driving in the front seat.  He picked it up and started talking and at that point I realized that she was calling our driver. I told her as much. I was exhausted, hot and angry that he picked up more people and was so rude to me so I wasn't very talkative or friendly. But I did point out to her that she was talking to the driver. 

It is really hard to get taxis these days. Maybe because there are so many people in the area. Maybe because people are returning to their cities north and need rides to the airport. Maybe because it is too hot to walk. Maybe because it is the beginning of the Easter holiday... Maybe because......  Who knows.. all I do know is that I was in a very bad mood by the time I got home. 

San Antonio plaza

Jacaranda trees and stands around the plaza.

Notice how quiet it is there. Boys got out of school and were playing in the plaza for awhile and then it was quiet again.

Chico liked all the new smells.

Some Canadians resting in the shade. They are only here for two months. Going back home in a week. I hope their taxi driver is more reliable than the one I had used when I went to my friend's house. 

This is where we ate the fish tacos. Right across the street from the plaza.

Our fish tacos.

Two roses from my friend's new garden.

I had two hours of sitting there, calling taxis, so I had lots of time to meditate on these beautiful roses. But I wasn't in much of a meditating mood. I just wanted to go back home.  I was not being a spiritual person. At that point I was just an extremely frustrated person. 

Who's the BOSS????

That blanket on the bed is Chico's favorite spot.

He didn't get it in time. It is funny to watch them race to my lap when I am resting in my lazy boy chair.  The cat usually wins and Chico gives up. But I love them both equally. I can't do much about it if the cat is in charge of our household. She just pushed herself into our lives and took over. Cat owners will understand this fact. Dog owners mignt be mystified.