Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Morning Buffet at Salvador's Restaurant

Chico and I went out to the Sunday Buffet at Salvador's Restaurant this morning. It is the first time I have eaten their buffet for probably two years. Just too much food for me. But since my son, David Valdez, put a buffet on his facebook from a restaurant in Kansas I decided to have the one here today and take photos of it. So here goes. 
I ate out on the patio because Chico isn't allowed inside the restaurant.
Lots of fresh fruit juices and cut up fresh fruit and a delicious rice putting.
Eggs and I don't know what is behind that. I think it is nopals.
Bread and more Mexican dishes. 
More Mexican dishes. I really like the creamed chicken on the right.
 A photo showing better the size of the buffet. At the very end there is a woman who will cook you an omelet or waffles or pancakes, anything you want.
Someone always comes to play a guitar and sing during breakfast.
It is best to go there before ten in the morning. It gets extremely crowded. You can see a few of the bikers. Bikers love to ride up here for the buffet on Sundays from Guadalajara.
The photo above is of a few of the bikes that were there.   The meal costs 95 pesos now plus I tip him 20 pesos. Although he just brings me coffee. That is around 6.38 including the tip in American money. How about that David? 

Chapala part 2

I can't put very many photos on at once. So I have divided my yesterday into two parts.
This stand was a bit low on products. 
The above photo was taken on the back side of the plaza. 
A GARBAGE TRUCK! Picking up garbage.
The man in the above photo smiled and asked me to take his picture. He may have been one of the men picking up garbage. MY HERO!

I liked the umbrella. Lots of Mexican women carry umbrellas to protect them from the hot sun.
Above is a photo of a small hotel across the street from the back side of the plaza. 
I may have put this photo on before. I like the way it is painted.
I may have put this one on before too. It is made of tiles. It is on the outside of a house.

Finally, I am at the American Legion.
This time I took a photo of the food before eating it. Delicious.
After eating lunch, Emily and I went shopping at Walmart. Emily fell in love with this woman's baby and she was nice enough to let Emily hold him. 
As we were leaving Walmart, Emily ran into the baby again and got another photo.
The two children were behind us. I don't know if she belonged to the woman with the baby or not but they really liked getting their pictures taken too. 
So that was my Saturday.
At Walmart,  I bought a can of Fancy Feast Cat Food. Cost over a dollar for about a tablespoon of food. Of course, Olive LOVED it. She only ate a few bites but I was so pleased to finally have found something she would eat. I hope she will eat more today. 

Another afternoon in Chapala

Yesterday I took the bus to Chapala to have the fish fry at the American Legion with my friend Emily. I was early. I am always early. So I walked around the plaza for awhile and took some photos.
Above is the bus stop next to the plaza. YOu can see one of the small buses across the street going in the other direction.
The man in that truck is not a bus driver. I think he is delivering something.

The plaza is empty looking these days because they no longer allow the vendors to have stands on it. They have gone up the street.
These people are sitting around the edge of the plaza.
Children playing in the gazebo
Looked like they were getting ready to take some photos or film for some dancers.


The entrance to the mercado
A woman just before the entrance was selling this bread.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Morning Thoughts- Lunch at the Laguna Mall

The Laguna Mall is across the street from Walmart. It is in the shopping center, up a few stairs. The morning I was there it was quiet but on weekends it gets very busy. One of my favorite little lunch places is there, Subway. Not because of the healthy sandwiches, which I like but mainly because of the chocolate chip cookies. The woman who works there always heats one up for me. Decadent! 

I have been spending a lot of time around this shopping center lately because my dentist is in it, on the lower level. (Dr. Candy, and she is wonderful.) I can't even count the number of times I have already been there and I have two more visits to go. Besides seeing the dentist for extensive work on my one tooth, Chico was sick and I had to take him to the vet every morning for one week for an antibiotic shot. 

Chico is well but now Olive is sick. I took her to the vet and he said he couldn't see anything wrong with her. Unless she had a blood test and even then, nothing good could come out of it. It would be something major.  I had to put her through the horrible humiliation of having four of us hold her down while the vet stuck a long instrument deep inside her butt to get a test of her poop. She was furious and I don't blame her. I am surprised she forgave me for that experience. 

The only way I know that she is sick is because she has stopped eating. She is an old cat and the vet said that is an indication that organs are shutting down. I decided to just make her life as comfortable as possible until she passes away. Unless she looks like she is in pain, then I will be forced to put her down. That is the way I want to go. A natural death. No tubes sticking in me and certainly not held down by four giants so someone can stick long metal instruments inside of me. And if I am in lots of pain, I would want to be put down too. 

Changing the subject, which was way too grim to dwell on for long, it rained again last night. This morning it is cool and comfortable. I bought a new addition to my garden.  Photo below.
I love the expression on this little Buddha. So calm and accepting of everything and with a slight smile. This too will pass. Everything passes. All we can do is be as centered as we can in the midst of all the changes. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Morning Thoughts--Sorry, but more thoughts on garbage

This is my corner. Photo taken about ten minutes ago. No sign of a garbage truck in sight. We have gone for days without seeing one here. The schedule was always six days a week they would pick it up. No pick up on Sunday.  Now, if we are lucky, we get a pick up one day a week.   So what is going on here? Does anyone know? All I know is that corners all over the town are looking like this.   I have two pieces of rumor that I will write. No telling how much either of them is true. So don't attack me if you find out that they are not true. They are just RUMORS.....

First one came from a man named Eddie. He lives in Canada but knows everything that happens down here of any importance. Don't ask me how he knows so much because he won't tell me.

He wrote this, "If you want to get your garbage picked up, you will have to bribe the garbage men. Pay them extra and they will come by your corner more often. That is what the wealthy people are doing down there."

"What???  Eddie, you live in Canada. How do you know that? Is it posted somewhere on one of the chapala web boards that I don't ever read?"  No answer. He never reveals his sources.  

This situation reminded me of when I was in the major earthquake and stuck in the attic in Santa Cruz, California. For days. We were told not to leave our houses, or attics.  The only way we knew that our town was in ruins was from the radio. People, thousands of miles away, knew what was going on just a few blocks from my house and I knew nothing. So is that also the case here???? Or is Eddie just making up things?

 If it IS the case, then something seems very unfair that the garbage men would pick it up in wealthy neighborhoods and leave the rest of the poor people swimming in this filth.  What about diseases? Cockroaches already invade our homes. Now it is worse. And rats. I could go on and on about garbage but why? The photo above looks pretty much like the other ones I put on a few days ago. I was even thinking of moving out of this neighborhood because of all the garbage. 

At that point, I hadn't noticed that there were piles of it all over town. I was just concerned with my own little corner. Pretty typical self centered human behavior. I can understand why wealthy people would pay to bribe the drivers to give them extra pick ups although I think it is extremely unfair. I don't mind that the wealthy live in big houses with beautiful views and drive nice cars and go out to fancy dinners, (I have lived like that at various times in my life and what goes on between couples behind those doors can be hell worlds) But for them to get extra garbage pick ups? I DO mind that.  That is a health hazard!

Okay, now here comes rumor number two. Another friend said on the phone last night that there are seventeen garbage trucks for this area and fifteen are broken down. And whichever section of the government is responsible for fixing these trucks says they can't afford to fix them. They are out of money!   Out of money? Did some government official run off with it? Did they forget to put it in their yearly budget? 

The value of the peso is going UP not DOWN.....    So why do they have no money and can't fix garbage trucks?  Do they think we should all, (except the wealthy who pay for special pick ups), sit in this filth until the next high season? Then they might put out the money to get rid of the garbage all over town???? They certainly aren't going to be getting a lot of tourists with garbage everywhere. Reminds me of photos I have seen of the New York garbage strike years ago. What a mess that was. And what a mess it IS here now. 

So who knows the truth. The only truth I know for sure is that we are not getting our garbage picked up very often and neither are the other poor areas of town.   Anyone else have any rumors you would like to pass along??????

P.S. The garbage truck just showed up.  I would go out and ask them but I don't want to stop them from working. They have a lot to do and they might be expecting me to bribe them with some money for another pick up.  That is, IF Eddie is right. 
One more photo. 

 This is what my corner looks like just AFTER they picked up the garbage....... I could decide to spend my morning picking it all up and putting it in big plastic bags so whenever the next pick up rolls around, it would be taken but I would feel like Sisyphus, rolling that rock up the mountain. 

As long as people living in this neighborhood throw their garbage directly onto the street instead of tying it up into plastic bags, it will always be a mess here. There needs to be a larger solution, like maybe bins? Except they probably would get stolen. I don't have answers, just concern. Think I will try to forget about it and go swimming instead. All this garbage doesn't seem to bother the neighbors, so I will have to just go along with it. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Morning Walk with Chico

It has been awhile since I got on the blog. We have all been a bit under the weather. I mean that literally and figuratively. First Chico got an infection and I have been taking him to the local vet's office every morning for an antibiotic shot. Since the vet will be closed tomorrow, I will have to give him a pill. Now that is going to be difficult. He is an expert at eating around pills and spitting them out. But he has two more days of antibiotics. After we went to the vet, I had breakfast out at Salvador's with him. They let dogs on their patio. But he only ate a few pieces of ham and was done. So I walked to the butcher shop for a piece of steak. Steaks in Mexico are usually too tough to eat so I bought a bottle of coke to cook with it in my slow cooker. It may take a couple of days to get soft. And who knows if Chico will eat it. Or Olive. Olive may act like she is starving but no matter what I give to her, she immediately turns her head away. She is getting skinny. She may be the next one to go to the vet. After I see the dentist.

I had half a root canal last week but it was infected. He told me to wait until next week to finish and call if it didn't get better. It didn't. I called and the woman in the office insisted that I had to go in to get the prescription. I said I couldn't do that. I was in too much pain and I didn't have the energy to walk down to the bus stop and go to the next town to their office. The other dentist called me and said she knew of one pharmacy that would deliver the antibiotics with just a phone call from her. So four hours later, he showed up with a box of them. Why did it take four hours to go a few miles? Well, his car broke down along the way. The cost of this was 60 pesos. I don't know the exact cost in American money now because our money is going down in value very quickly, but around four dollars. I gave him a forty peso tip and he was on his way. 

Finally, today I took a longer walk with Chico after his shot....  It is still very hot and muggy here now so we both came home exhausted. He didn't even want to sniff butts with potential friends.

Here are a few photos, starting out in my house, the hallway, and ending up with a photo of the handsome owner of the local grocery store where I bought the large bottle of coke. Not much happening around town now because it is the off season. I didn't even have a problem getting across the carretera. I didn't feel like I was taking my life in my hands just to cross the street. At the end of the high season here recently, three people were run over and killed while trying to cross that street. Remember, cars have the right of way here, but that doesn't mean that a car can run into a person and speed off while the woman's daughter and granddaughter are watching her die. That was one accident. And the man was never caught.

 I like it when the town is quiet. And I don't have to worry about getting killed while crossing that street. But it won't last long. Tomorrow is Sunday, and that is the day the people from Guadalajara, the Tapatios, flock into town. I might as well forget about crossing the street tomorrow. 
When I said "literally" under the weather, I meant that both Chico and I came home exhausted from the heat and humidity. He immediately got on his bed and went to sleep. I was drenched in sweat from the humidity..... but I had to cook for my animals. I promised myself that I would NEVER cook for animals. That dry food or canned food was good enough. Until I saw a program on netflix yesterday about what they put in all cat and dog food. No wonder my animals are sick! Terrible stuff. So now I am cooking for them.  We will see if they will eat my food. My son and daughter-in-law hate my cooking. They won't even taste what I cook. Now that hurts!   I hope my animals aren't like that....

Okay Eddie, here is my cluttered hallway......   Eddie (one of my long time readers)  has been hassling me about my house looking like a used furniture store. He is probably right but it is MY used furniture and I am attached to it. And who knows, maybe one day I will have a bigger house and I will have room for all the things that I like.
That is exactly what happened when I first bought all my wood furniture. I was living in a two room place. Now I have three rooms. Maybe one day I will have an entire house. So all this stuff is my affirmation that one day I will have a beautiful big house of my own. It is just part of my dreaming. We all need to have dreams. 
Across the street is a restaurant, Gossips, which is very popular with the expats, then the Grainery where I buy my spices and unsweetened chocolate. And next to that is the butcher shop.

I ran into this beautiful little girl and her mom and maybe her Aunt on my way up the street. They stopped so I could take the photograph. 
On the left side of the street is the local nursery.
Chico showed no interest in the dog. It might be a few more days before he is back to normal.

I just wanted to show how the mountains are already getting green from the few rains we have had recently.

My last stop at my local grocery store. The owner let me take his photo. He sells just about anything I need in there. Except the fresh beef and unsweetened chocolate. 

Because it is so hot and humid out there now, Chico and I will spend the rest of the day in the house. I haven't been swimming since Chico got sick. I didn't want to leave him alone. The cat certainly is no comfort to him. The only thing she does is sit close to him and stare at him, making him very uncomfortable. But maybe by Monday I can swim again.