Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday Morning Buffet at Salvador's Restaurant

Chico and I went out to the Sunday Buffet at Salvador's Restaurant this morning. It is the first time I have eaten their buffet for probably two years. Just too much food for me. But since my son, David Valdez, put a buffet on his facebook from a restaurant in Kansas I decided to have the one here today and take photos of it. So here goes. 
I ate out on the patio because Chico isn't allowed inside the restaurant.
Lots of fresh fruit juices and cut up fresh fruit and a delicious rice putting.
Eggs and I don't know what is behind that. I think it is nopals.
Bread and more Mexican dishes. 
More Mexican dishes. I really like the creamed chicken on the right.
 A photo showing better the size of the buffet. At the very end there is a woman who will cook you an omelet or waffles or pancakes, anything you want.
Someone always comes to play a guitar and sing during breakfast.
It is best to go there before ten in the morning. It gets extremely crowded. You can see a few of the bikers. Bikers love to ride up here for the buffet on Sundays from Guadalajara.
The photo above is of a few of the bikes that were there.   The meal costs 95 pesos now plus I tip him 20 pesos. Although he just brings me coffee. That is around 6.38 including the tip in American money. How about that David? 

Chapala part 2

I can't put very many photos on at once. So I have divided my yesterday into two parts.
This stand was a bit low on products. 
The above photo was taken on the back side of the plaza. 
A GARBAGE TRUCK! Picking up garbage.
The man in the above photo smiled and asked me to take his picture. He may have been one of the men picking up garbage. MY HERO!

I liked the umbrella. Lots of Mexican women carry umbrellas to protect them from the hot sun.
Above is a photo of a small hotel across the street from the back side of the plaza. 
I may have put this photo on before. I like the way it is painted.
I may have put this one on before too. It is made of tiles. It is on the outside of a house.

Finally, I am at the American Legion.
This time I took a photo of the food before eating it. Delicious.
After eating lunch, Emily and I went shopping at Walmart. Emily fell in love with this woman's baby and she was nice enough to let Emily hold him. 
As we were leaving Walmart, Emily ran into the baby again and got another photo.
The two children were behind us. I don't know if she belonged to the woman with the baby or not but they really liked getting their pictures taken too. 
So that was my Saturday.
At Walmart,  I bought a can of Fancy Feast Cat Food. Cost over a dollar for about a tablespoon of food. Of course, Olive LOVED it. She only ate a few bites but I was so pleased to finally have found something she would eat. I hope she will eat more today. 

Another afternoon in Chapala

Yesterday I took the bus to Chapala to have the fish fry at the American Legion with my friend Emily. I was early. I am always early. So I walked around the plaza for awhile and took some photos.
Above is the bus stop next to the plaza. YOu can see one of the small buses across the street going in the other direction.
The man in that truck is not a bus driver. I think he is delivering something.

The plaza is empty looking these days because they no longer allow the vendors to have stands on it. They have gone up the street.
These people are sitting around the edge of the plaza.
Children playing in the gazebo
Looked like they were getting ready to take some photos or film for some dancers.


The entrance to the mercado
A woman just before the entrance was selling this bread.