Sunday, June 25, 2017

Chapala part 2

I can't put very many photos on at once. So I have divided my yesterday into two parts.
This stand was a bit low on products. 
The above photo was taken on the back side of the plaza. 
A GARBAGE TRUCK! Picking up garbage.
The man in the above photo smiled and asked me to take his picture. He may have been one of the men picking up garbage. MY HERO!

I liked the umbrella. Lots of Mexican women carry umbrellas to protect them from the hot sun.
Above is a photo of a small hotel across the street from the back side of the plaza. 
I may have put this photo on before. I like the way it is painted.
I may have put this one on before too. It is made of tiles. It is on the outside of a house.

Finally, I am at the American Legion.
This time I took a photo of the food before eating it. Delicious.
After eating lunch, Emily and I went shopping at Walmart. Emily fell in love with this woman's baby and she was nice enough to let Emily hold him. 
As we were leaving Walmart, Emily ran into the baby again and got another photo.
The two children were behind us. I don't know if she belonged to the woman with the baby or not but they really liked getting their pictures taken too. 
So that was my Saturday.
At Walmart,  I bought a can of Fancy Feast Cat Food. Cost over a dollar for about a tablespoon of food. Of course, Olive LOVED it. She only ate a few bites but I was so pleased to finally have found something she would eat. I hope she will eat more today. 


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Peter, Good to hear from you. Yes, it was a fun day. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Thanks for writing. P

  2. Poor Olive. Is she still yowling?

    1. Hi Syl, NO more but she maybe is too sick now. She is very quiet. And still hardly eating. I tried to get her to eat just now but no go. Thanks for asking. P