Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Morning Thoughts and Photos

It is cool this morning after last night's rain. It was a heavy rain with thunder and lightening. I believe that the rainy season has started for sure now. I can hear birds out the window, singing away. They love this weather. It is cool and the air is fresh. 

Yesterday, I rode the bus to Chapala and took some photos on the way to the American Legion. Many of them are repeats of the ones I have taken before on the same road. Emily and I had the fish fry at the Legion. It is from three to six in the evening on Saturdays. It was delicious. 
Many of these photos are just glances inside of the little stores along the way.




 This woman agreed to let me take their photo but she looks like she is in a bad mood. Maybe she is just tired of standing there while her children played with the car.  Now, after seeing the photo, I think I should have looked in my purse for some change so they could have turned it on. But I wasn't thinking about it at the time. Just walking to the American Legion. 

Pretty young woman. I wonder how she feels about spending all her work days sitting in a shoe store. 

This is a key shop.


I have never seen anyone in the store above. The man behind the counter may have been taking a nap.

The consignment store and the next photo was in the same store.
Everywhere I go, I see people talking on their cell phones. While I was on the bus going to Chapala, a woman got on and she was talking on her phone and she talked on that phone all the way into Chapala from Ajijic..... I could hardly wait to get away from her..... She didn't stop for a brief second, just talked and talked. What is so important that a person has to talk on the phone all the time? What about the life that is going on all around you? Isn't that just as important?  

I always take a photo of  this old building and look just down the street on the left. The next photo is of that one. 
Finally at the American Legion. I was so hungry that I forgot to take any photos of the food. Sorry. But here are a couple of nice photos of Emily.


  1. That old building looks like it could become a great living space. I love the old wicker furniture in the resale shop as well. Glad you and Emily hadgreat time at the American Legion.

    1. HI Larry,, I sat in one of those wicker chairs for awhile. Very comfortable. Thanks for writing. P

  2. Thank you for theses glimpses! They are what makes everyday living.

    1. Thank you Deborah for commenting. That is what keeps me going. P

  3. Nice day, nice pics! We had a cooler day here after a storm and torrential rain last night! Fun to look in the shops. Thanks for posting!
    Karen in VA

  4. Hi Karen, your weather sounds like ours. Good to hear from you. P