Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Saturday morning with Chico at the Ajijic Plaza

These boys are throwing one peso coins and seeing which one gets closest to the mark.

The butcher shop.

A taco stand one block from the plaza. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


I haven't been able to fix it so i get the comments. Maybe my son can help me. I don't know. It is very discouraging. But I will keep writing from time to time and if you want to comment you can e mail me and i will answer but it won't get posted. Petwalker40@yahoo.com.   So sorry. P

Morning Thoughts

This morning there was a light rain. It has stopped now. I have to go out and buy more medication for my trip. I am trying to do everything I may need in advance so I won't have to do it in the USA where everything is much more expensive. I am buying extra medication that I really don't need but don't want to have to buy up there in case of some kind of unforeseen emergency.  (Like being stuck up there for extra days, or weeks or more. I hope that doesn't happen but life is unpredictable.) 

I am getting a haircut which I also don't need because I don't want to have to get one up there. A haircut here costs me about eight dollars. No telling what it will cost there. I haven't been back in so long that I know I will be in culture shock and one of the biggest shocks will be the higher prices.

Four years ago, the last time I saw my son and daughter-in-law, I had them stop at the ATM machine so I could get some American money. I usually spend seventy dollars a week here so I got out three hundred dollars. I thought that would last me the entire month I would be there. 

When I told my daughter-in-law how much I had gotten she said, "That should last you one week." And she was right. I was back in less than a week for more cash. And now, here it is, four years later and that much more inflation. I will be in for a shock.  

Once I heard a phrase about traveling that is good advice for  me, "Take half the things and twice the money."  I usually lug around far too many things and don't get enough money. 

The closer I get to the time to leave, the more anxious I become. I have gone crazy on eBay. Since I don't get mail here and it costs a fortune to have packages sent down, I bought things on eBay that I have needed for years. I had two drawers filled with bathing suits and they are all thread bare. One thing about swimming in the hot sulfur water, it ruins bathing suits. And I don't even go into the pools that have jets. Jets will ruin a bathing suit in just a few visits. The swimming pool will ruin a bathing suit in about one month. And it also ruins goggles and bathing hats. 

It is going to be like Christmas when I get up there with all the packages I ordered. Except that I know what is inside the packages and I bought everything myself. So I know there won't be any rubber chickens as a surprise. Oh yes, I DID buy two rubber chickens from China, called Screaming Yellow Rubber Chickens, dog toys for their two dogs. 

Yesterday I worked for several hours on the problem with getting comments on the blog. I hope I fixed it. It is strange to write things and get no responses.  Chico is still snoozing and Olive is outside in the garden, enjoying the cool morning air, fresh from the rain. 

By the way, I don't leave here until the 27th of this month. It is taking me as long to get ready for the trip as it lasts. By the 27th I will probably need another haircut. But Kansas City, here I come......

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Morning Thoughts--Father's Day

Next Sunday is Father's Day. For some reason I have been thinking about my father the past few days. He died at 53 years old with a massive heart attack. He thought he had indigestion, fell on the floor and died. Heart attacks run in my family, on both sides, so I never thought I would live this long. 

I only have one photo of my father with me but I hope my son still has others that I gave him years ago. A few weeks ago I read an article about a writer, Gerald Murnane. He lives in a town of 300 people in Australia. I will tell you more about him and my father after this photo of him.

First off, Gerald Murnane is 79 years old in the above photo. If I had a photo of my father at 53, before he died, you would see that he looks just like this man. Not so much in the next photo. It was taken when he was in World War II and he was only in his early thirties. 

Strange that I still have this little document. It is only three inches high and four inches wide. When I get to my son's house I will put on a photo of my father before he died and you will be amazed at his likeness to Murnane.

You may be wondering why this is so important to me. Because of the article about Murnane. He has rejected modern life. He has never been on an airplane. He has never been swimming or on a boat. He doesn't own a television. He doesn't own a computer. He writes with one finger on an old typewriter. He doesn't travel. He lives in a little room behind his son's house with all his writings and once a week he plays golf with his old friends. And with all of this rejection of modern life, he may be the next Nobel Laureate in Literature. Who says that you can't write unless you have experienced the world, traveled the world, been part of society? 

These days there seems to be a belief going around that if you don't travel then you are somehow less interesting, less of a person than the travelers. And certainly not able to know the depths of human nature enough to be a great writer. But maybe this myth isn't true. Maybe you don't have to experience the world in order to be a well rounded person, or to be a great writer or any other kind of artist or humanitarian. Gerald Murnane is an inspiration to me. Because of him I no longer feel this lingering since of guilt because I don't go out and travel the world. I am happy just to have a simple life, filled with daily routines and a few close friends. 

What does this have to do with my father? Other than the fact that my father as he was older looked like Murnane? I feel less judgmental of my father. He never traveled except to fight in the war. He picked up body parts on the front line as a medic. He wasn't allowed to carry a gun. He didn't write. He didn't even go to high school. He just worked at a simple job and took care of his family and suffered terribly from PTSD... And isn't that enough for one man in one lifetime?

When I was young I wanted to be a famous writer. Now I just want to have a peaceful life. I don't care that I haven't traveled the world. Look at Anthony Bourdain. He traveled the world. He was rich and famous. And he couldn't stand to live any longer. Maybe our values are turned upside down. What we think is important, isn't.... What we think isn't important, is.... 

  What really matters? A sense of Peace and Security? A sense of belonging to a family, a neighborhood and a country? Love? Self respect? Contentment? Friendships? Trust? The beauty of nature? Health? 

 I have no answers. This is just my way of honoring Gerald Murnane for living his truth without apologizies and inspiring me to do the same. Also my way of honoring my father for loving his family. And my own apology to my father's spirit, if he is around to know it, for my misguided and false values and judgments of him. I had wanted him to be a hero but he turned out to just be a man and that is far more than enough..... I can see that now that my own life is quickly coming to an end. I didn't need to become rich or famous. I just needed to love, respect and accept others. Especially my family. 

Again, sorry that no one can comment on here. E mail me if you want to comment: Petwalker40@yahoo.com. Hopefully my son can fix this problem in a few weeks.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Morning Thoughts

It is another hot morning in Ajijic. I read in the Guadalajara Reporter that so far this has been one of the hottest seasons yet. I believe it because I have been here maybe ten years and not ever felt so hot. They also said to expect even more rain when it comes. Much more rain.  I am wondering if this excess heat and expected excess rain is because of global warming. The weather seems more extreme everywhere.

I am still getting ready for my trip to the United States. I stupidly bought two large, very heavy blankets from some nice young people up from Oaxaca at the Wednesday market. Gifts for my family. But I didn't think about the fact that two blankets have taken up almost my entire suitcase and almost reach the total weight allowed. So much for thinking of consequences of impulse buys. My family may not even like these blankets. Live and learn.

I am not writing much these days because I am so distracted with things to do before leaving. And I haven't received any comments for quite awhile. Maybe the blog is slowly dying a natural death. Maybe it is time to do something else.  I also haven't been writing for Accesslakechapala lately. Not much is happening in town for me to write about. Too hot for events right now.

  I hang on to things far too long.  Just as an example, I don't like to throw anything away. I guess this comes from growing up poor, or being poor most of my adult life. But I don't like to run out of things. What happens is that one day I will notice that I have three opened bottles of shampoo in my shower. Or three of anything else. I guess when I get down almost to the end of something that is essential, in order not to run out, I will buy another one. Then I open the second one. And in order not to run out of the second one, I buy a third one. Not noticing that I already have TWO other bottles of that particular thing that have not been used up. Yesterday I found three opened jars of mustard in my refrigerator and I don't even like mustard. 

I may think I have a lot of shoes, or other items of clothing but in reality I have old things that I should have thrown away but I can't part with them. So I just have them sitting around, giving me the illusion that I have more useable clothing or shoes or anything else than I actually have. Maybe this also comes from training as I was growing up, being a child of parents who went through the depression.

I have a very hard time letting go: Of things, of people, of places, of experiences, etc. Several years ago my old computer broke so I spent the next six months taking it back to the same computer repair shop, paying each time for them to fix it. By the end of the six months I could have bought a new computer for the same amount of money I had given to the repair store. (It never worked properly after all those repairs. All I use now is my i pad but the old computer is still in my desk drawer.)  I don't like to let go, or give up. And maybe that is what is happening now with this blog. I am keeping it going, even though no one seems to be reading it anymore, just because I can't let go.

Sometimes this quality has served me well, like my determination to get through college and then graduate school. Not that those degrees ever got me any good jobs, but at least I did it. Or forcing myself to swim forty five laps twice a week at the pool. 

Mostly this quality has held me back.  I have hung on to friendships that have often been destructive to me. I hang on to the same location. I hang on to half used bottles of things and old clothing that I can no longer wear. I hang on to old habits...... I hang on to this blog. But maybe I need to let things go.........   Change is scary to me. The older I get, the more I want things to stay the same and of course that is impossible. All we can count on is that everything will always change.   

An Evening with Carolina and our dogs at the Laguna Mall

It is interesting to me that the Mexicans seem to prefer this new mall while the Expats frequent the old Ajijic Plaza. Maybe we all just like things that are different than what we know. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wednesday Market in Ajijic

This little girl realized I was taking her picture and she started hamming it up for the camera.

Above was my lunch. A shrimp tostada. My favorite meal.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tuesday Market in Ajijic

I hadn't been to the Tuesday market for many months. I took a lot of photos but it was so sunny inside that many are too bright. Here are a few of them.