Monday, November 30, 2009

Morning Walk to Six Corners

I think this man had a little too much to drink but he was harmless.

The two above photos are of a small restaurant where I had a hot sandwich. It was delicious and cost me less than two dollars. It is at the six corners area.
I noticed on my walk through this Mexican neighborhood that there are small grocery stores on every block, sometimes two and three on every block. People live in the back of their stores. It is nice. In the neighborhood where I am living, La Floresta, it is a long walk to the grocery store. I like the Mexican neighborhoods. More people are out on the streets. People often sit on the sidewalks. The streets are very social.
There was a band at the six corners area when I arrived. And people in costumes. Maybe they were going to do a dance. I walked to this area from West Ajijic where I am still house sitting. I enjoyed my walk. So many interesting sites.
Another small restaurant in the six corners area.

This man had to much to drink too. I thought he was going to fall off his horse, but he stayed on. Maybe he has had a lot of experience riding in that condition.

I liked the colors of this little house.

I think the man in the photo above sits there all day long. Every time I pass his house he is out on the sidewalk enjoying the sunshine.

The local church. It was locked up so I couldn't go inside and take photos.

This man gave me his card. He speaks English and has a taxi service. We had an interesting chat.

Local buses come every fifteen minutes. Now why can't we have that kind of bus service in our small towns in the States? Poor people here have a much better quality of life than in the States because they can afford doctors and buses run often, and food is cheap. But I won't harp on this anymore. It just makes me sad that it is so hard to make it financially in the States these days.

Another man enjoying the sidewalk.

Dancing horse. Fun to see on my morning walk.

Best friends.

Looks like an interesting restaurant in the above photo. I may check it out the next time I walk by it. There is a nice outdoor garden.

Another Slide Show on You tube.

This is my third slide show on you tube.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another You Tube Posting

I just downloaded another slide show on You Tube. It is titled Ajijic, Mexico Photos by Patricia Walker. Music: Oasis by Pere Soto and David Valdez. You can get David and Pere's album, Oasis online through

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My First Slide Show on You Tube

I have spent many hours trying to figure out how to make slide shows and put them on You Tube. This evening I finally completed one. The resolution isn't very good on the photos. Next time I will try to put the slide show on with more pixels. But I am proud that I have learned this new skill. If you would like to see my slide show please go to You Tube and put in Ajijic, Photos by Patricia Walker Music by David Valdez and Pere Soto. David is my son and he is playing the sax on it and his friend Pere is playing the guitar. I forgot to put on the introduction that the song they are playing is from their album Oasis. It is a beautiful song. Maybe I will be able to fix the photos so they are clearer. I am just proud that I finally finished this slide show. I gave myself a bad case of Bursitis in my right arm from spending so many hours in front of the computer. I don't like to give up on things. Hope you will enjoy it

Friday, November 27, 2009

My Thanksgiving Day

These school children finally saw that I was taking pictures of them rough housing. Notice how sweet they look in the second photo.

Pedro painted Vino Blanco's hooves purple. Maybe because some boys tried to steal her. He also put tags on Vino Blanco's ears to identify her. Although purple hooves are pretty distinctive.
There have been so many cars broken into while people were at the Lake Chapala Society that the LCS now hire young men to watch the cars so it doesn't happen again. The system seems to be working. He looks bored. He would probably much rather be in the garden having a Thanksgiving dinner.
There were over a hundred people at the Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone brought food and the leftover food they took to a small village where the people don't even have electricity.
My friend Don. He has been coming to this area for thirty years. We had last Thanksgiving together at the LCS. I guess we have started a little tradition.

I walked to the Lake Chapala Society and I walked home after overeating. I needed the exercise. I was surprised that even at the outer western edge of town I was able to walk all the way into town. It was a pleasant walk. Wealthy homes and gated communities are all mixed in with poorer homes and further out of town there are many vacant lots. Even corn fields.
A typical Mexican way of getting the word out.

A gate at one of the more expensive homes along the way.

Watch dog at a gate. When he saw me, he ran inside and just peeked his head out of the gate. Maybe he will grow into his job.

I think I enjoyed my walks to the luncheon and home as much as the luncheon itself. This wasn't a holiday for the Mexicans. I like to photograph the school children and people just going about their daily business.