Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Doing Some Different Things Today

I have become such a creature of habit. So today was a real treat. First off, I had a hot chocolate at a new restaurant in the Plaza in Ajijic. There are a couple of tables that overlook the plaza. It is sun to watch all the action from there. Although the plaza was very quiet this morning. I found an interesting room below the restaurant that is covered with beautiful murals I had never before seen this room. I took some photos of the murals. Then I met a friend of a friend from San Blas. We had breakfast on the plaza and then went out to the Hot Springs. It was a very relaxing day. I took the dog with me to the Plaza. And again in the evening I took him up to the Koffee kitchen on the Carretera. I ordered a piece of their apple pie and then realized I had no money with me. They said it was okay. I could pay another time. It is nice to be known in the neighborhood. Makes me feel like I am home.  
View from the upstairs restaurant

center piece at upstairs restaurant
The Plaza

Painting from the Erotic Art Show that is going on in the plaza art center

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I don't like to put negative things on my blog. I thought about not putting this on but if I am going to be honest about my life here then I need to tell about today.  I walked over to take Chico for a walk with me and the dog I am taking care of now.  When I got there I saw that the dead bolt lock had been taken off my big gate. I pushed the gate open and then saw that someone had broken into my landlord's front patio doors. They stole his television and DVD.   It was very upsetting. They didn't break into my casita and Chico was there running around as if nothing had happened. (That ends Chico's career as a watch dog.)  I am so glad he was okay.

I rushed back to where I am house sitting and called my landlord. He came by here  just a little while ago. He said that whoever was there went through all his drawers and stole his passport. He left Chico here with me for the evening. We are both very upset.   It makes me wonder what would have happened if I had been there. Would they have broken in anyway? Would they have attacked me? Scary....

The thing they stole from me was my sense of security.  That is a big theft that can't easily be replaced.

House Sitting Again

I am house sitting just down the street from my casita. It is nice because I can walk over there and take Chico for a walk along with this dog. They are friends, except when one of them gets jealous.  This is a beautiful home. They have a pool but it is too cold for me. I love the tiles on the bottom of the pool. Also I took photos of the view from the mirador and of the cat. I will be here for two weeks. Not bad. Not bad. I love my life. My friend from San Blas is coming here for a few days. She lives in San Blas and it is very hot there now, almost a hundred degrees. The weather here has been perfect.

The Ajijic Plaza

16th of Sept. Decorations are still up
The coffee man

Clothing Sale at No. 4 Restaurant

Front of No. 4 Restaurant
These beautiful clothes were brought here from Thailand. We left just as they were setting up the free wine table. Good thing I was leaving. The last time I went to an art show with free wine I had a couple of glasses and bought a hundred dollar painting. They are smart to give away wine..... I was stupid to fall for it. 

Lunch with Friends at La Nueva Posada

I was in town the other day and ran into some friends on their way to La Nueva Posada. It is fun here. I often get opportunities to spend time with friends. The food was delicious as always.
Another group, having a luncheon
Decorations are still up for 16th of Sept. Celebrations

Friday, September 23, 2011

Another Walk with Chico to LCS

Nicolas Bravo
Chico has a new friend
We love our dogs

Lunch at the Secret Garden and Last Night's Sunset

Yesterday I walked to town and had lunch at the Secret Garden. They have delicious food, mostly vegetarian. Pedro, the owner, gave me four more small wooden boxes for my interior decoration. Initially he gave me all the ones that I have in my new office, twenty boxes.

He was having a sale of craft items yesterday.  At one time he had a craft store here. I bought some things,  whistles for the children and a few other little statues.  I picked up several things that weren't priced. They were on the table with all the other priced objects. I showed them to Pedro's wife. With each one she said, I am not sure I want to sell that.   At first I was irritated with her. Then I remembered that I do the same thing when I have a sale. As soon as someone likes something, I want to back out of the sale.  Aren't people funny?
My office
My kitchen