Sunday, September 25, 2011


I don't like to put negative things on my blog. I thought about not putting this on but if I am going to be honest about my life here then I need to tell about today.  I walked over to take Chico for a walk with me and the dog I am taking care of now.  When I got there I saw that the dead bolt lock had been taken off my big gate. I pushed the gate open and then saw that someone had broken into my landlord's front patio doors. They stole his television and DVD.   It was very upsetting. They didn't break into my casita and Chico was there running around as if nothing had happened. (That ends Chico's career as a watch dog.)  I am so glad he was okay.

I rushed back to where I am house sitting and called my landlord. He came by here  just a little while ago. He said that whoever was there went through all his drawers and stole his passport. He left Chico here with me for the evening. We are both very upset.   It makes me wonder what would have happened if I had been there. Would they have broken in anyway? Would they have attacked me? Scary....

The thing they stole from me was my sense of security.  That is a big theft that can't easily be replaced.


  1. So sorry to read this, Patricia. Please take care.

    Karen in VA

  2. Hi Karen, Thank you. I appreciate your concern. Patricia