Sunday, February 26, 2012

For Mrs. H's Class, Photo of Chico at Home

Since I didn't include a photo of Chico in the ones I put on of my casita, I decided to add this one for you. I know some of you care for him. He is a special dog and means more to me than everything in my casita.

Sunday Buffet at Salvador's Restaurant

Buganvilla Plaza
Blackberries, blueberries and strawberries for sale
Inside Salvador's Restaurant
That is the owner, leaning against the wall. Sunday is a busy day for him.
My breakfast
The Sunday buffet is delicious at Salvador's restaurant. It cost me 80 pesos and that included the coffee. To you people in the States, that is approximately six dollars and twenty cents. Not bad, not bad...... Last time I went to a buffet in Portland, it cost me eighteen dollars. Not good, not good.

A Walk Up Juan Alvarez St.

La Paloma bed and breakfast
Guard dogs? They look friendly to me.
The Jacaranda trees are already starting to bloom

Yesterday Morning at the lake in West Ajijic

I apologize for so many photos of the lake. For me the lake is a magic place so I keep taking photos of it. It is different every time I go there. I feel lucky to be living just a block away from it. Today I am going to take my little folding chair down by the lake and sit with Chico in the sunshine. Since I still have a cold, I am going to try to stay away from friends for awhile. The Sunday morning church bells are ringing now. What a wonderful place to live. I am blessed to be able to call this my home.

Home Again

I have been house sitting for a week out in West Ajijic. I came home last night. Since I have had a cold and sore throat, I didn't leave the house unless it was to walk the dog. It was in a beautiful home. I enjoyed sitting in the garden. But there is no place like home.  Riding in the car through town, I saw all the people out and about. Saturday night. Looked like a party at Gossips Restaurant with Chinese lanterns over the street next to it. People crowded around laughing. People were everywhere and I thought to myself how lucky I am to be living in this town. I also thought that when I get over my cold I shouldn't be so afraid to walk around town after dark. I miss all that excitement.

Last night when I was in bed I heard music playing until late in the night. I enjoyed being surrounded with it because it made me feel more a part of all that activity that I saw when I was in the car. I live close to the heart of town. There is a restaurant a couple of blocks away where the expats hang out and also a huge bandstand up the street where the Mexicans have their parties. It was a busy Saturday night. I was glad to be back here with Chico. He missed me. He stayed close to me all night long. I missed him too. Thank God for the love of dogs.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Meaning of throwing Things During the Fat Tuesday Parade

Donna sent me this link about the meaning of throwing things during the Fat Tuesday Parade.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fat Tuesday Parade Part 2

Dancing Horse
Carolina got floured
And this woman got floured
And they got floured
He didn't get floured
They got floured
Everyone got floured
And they got floured

Fat Tuesday Parade in Ajijic

Waiting for the Parade
Boys getting Floured
More People getting Floured
He fell down