Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And More Wednesday Market Photos in Ajijic

The Helpers
Panela Cheese, Delicious
Huichol Yarn Paintings
taco stand


  1. Hi Patricia -

    The cheese is very interesting! I've never heard of that kind before. Gosh that's a lot! I assume (just seeing the sheer quantity)it's a common cheese in the Mexican diet?

    Thank you for the close-ups of some of the items. I can't imagine the patience it would take to create some of the Huicol bead and yarn works. Beautiful.


    1. Hi Barbara, Thank you for commenting. Panela cheese is delicious and I was told that it has no fat. It is very fresh and goes bad quickly. Yes, it is a common cheese here. It takes a long time to make the yarn paintings. The small ones cost about fifty dollars. I used to buy them for ten dollars. But everything is more expensive here now. They are made with plywood, beeswax put over it and the yarn is pressed into it. P

  2. Hi, Patricia -
    Very nice pictures today - I too like all the closeups - so many interesting things & people to see. Hope to see you this July.

    1. Hi Pat, Thank you. Glad you liked the photos. Yes, July. It will be exciting. The beginning of the rainy season. P