Friday, February 3, 2012

The Boat Across the Lake

I heard yesterday at LCS that there is a boat ride now that goes to the other side of the lake. It is very inexpensive, less than seven dollars. I am going to take it this week end. I will take photos while I am on the ride and put some on the blog.  From now on, I am not going to be so personal on this blog. I think that was a big mistake. Lucky for me, I was able to delete all that personal stuff....... It still went out into cyberspace but I hope to be more cautious from now on about things like that. I still want to thank everyone that wrote to me to lift up my spirit when I was feeling down. That meant a lot to me.


  1. I've thought about commenting for a few posts, but never having ever posted before on your blog I felt out of place.
    Please don't stop posting , or posting your real feelings, that is what I admire and respect so much of this blog.

    It is your blog, do what you want with it, to hell with that loser.
    Take care and keep on
    Vancouver, BC

  2. Thank you Shelagh, I really appreciate your comment. I will try to walk that thin line between being too personal and being too impersonal. Patricia

  3. I posted on another page and wrote an email. I hope you received. You write very well.

  4. Yes, I received them both and answered you. Thank you for the compliment. P

  5. I totally agree w/your other commentators. IT'S YOUR BLOG! Write what you will - and I hope you write about what you experience, personal feelings included. It's what makes THIS blog so unique, so special. and it's what 'hooked' me from the get-go. GW from pdx

  6. Hi Gayle, Thank you for those words. I will do my best to walk that fine line between too impersonal and too personal. I will do my best to never again say anything negative about people or places. You know the saying, If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Your friend, p