Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crowded Wednesday Market in Ajijic

The market was so crowded today that I couldn't even walk up the road. I had to wait a couple of hours. Their busiest time is from eleven to one. I forgot this fact and went at eleven. I returned after one and it was better but I was too busy to take more than these two photos. I think I have enough market photos on this site anyway. I like the huge fish. The men were proud of it and insisted on holding it up for me to photograph. I forgot to ask what kind of fish it was, too busy just watching out for the crowd of people all around me. It is easy to trip on that cobblestone road.


  1. that is 1 huge fish! bet it would make great sushi. tried to identify it on the internet but couldn't find it. i'm sure one of your readers will know what it is.

    getting ready to teach a college class today.

    take care,

    teresa in nagoya

  2. Hi Teresa, Thanks for writing. Sounds like you are a very busy woman. Teaching college now.... Fun. From what I remember, the Japanese students are very respectful. Have fun. P

  3. It looks like a mahi-mahi to me!

    1. Hi Karawynn, Thanks for commenting. Yes, you are right. He told me it was mahi mahi. P