Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Kayak Club Going Out on the Lake

Looks like the fishermen brought their own couch. What a life!


  1. Dear Patricia:

    We can't get enough of you pictures and descriptions. Alas, we don't always get to read everyday. In catching up a bit, it sounds as though you were considering not posting. Please don't forget how much we and surely many others look forward to a few minutes with your blog.

    We love reading your stories and looking at your photographs. As long as it's good for you we will keep reading.

    We have come to love "Daily Living" and we have come to love you too!


  2. Thank you P&D, I was thinking of quitting but I got so many encouraging e mails that I changed my mind. I really enjoy putting photos and remarks on this site. I am glad so many people enjoy looking at it. Thank you for writing. P