Saturday, June 30, 2012

16th of Sept. near LCS

This is the front of where my friend Marie lives.

Children's Art Class at LCS

This was was drawn by fifteen year old Jessica
Another drawing by Jessica
These nice drawings are made into cards. They sell at LCS for twenty pesos and ten pesos goes to the artist. They are getting ready for the Can Am celebration on Monday. They always have children's art for sale at it. I am really looking forward to that celebration.

Children's are class
These will be for sale. I should try to snag one before they are all sold out.
Part of the mural for Children's Art Classes
Other area of the art class

Breakfast at Yves' Restaurant

Vino Blanco now belongs to Yves' Restaurant
View from Yves'

Lake Chapala Society, Saturday Morning

Back entrance
Road along the side of LCS

A New Meaning for the Phrase Street Clothes

I wonder what happened to the owner of these clothes....

The American Legion in Chapala

Thursday Morning in Chapala

Do you think she is interested in those strange dolls?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Further Information from my Cousin about his Procedure

Hi Pat,
When I went to the Doctor for my pre-exam, he noticed a mole. I told him that my primary physician and a Dermatologist looked at it and saw no reason to remove it. I'd be happy to have it removed, but it wasn't a big deal. He said he could take it off during the colonoscopy procedure but the lighting is not good enough in the out-patient facilities. It would need to be done at the hospital, as an out-patient, which was fine with me. It was my first colonoscopy and one place is as good as another to me. The mole and the colonoscopy was routine and results were uneventful. Everything was normal.
I wonder how many lights you could buy for $17,000?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hospital Bill Sent to my Cousin for his Colonoscopy in the States

Good-morning Pat,
Got another bill from the hospital about my 17,000 colonoscopy. Insurance is stalling paying for it, but this one was itemized and it's stunning. At least it is to me. They have: pharmacy - 601.88, IV solutions - 430.08, Anesthesia - 2,004.35 Don't those seem like the same thing to you? What would you need from the pharmacy other than those things? Some sort of supplies, maybe? No they have Supplies - 1,162.40! After the procedure they pushed the bed into the hall or another room for me to wake up, Recovery Room - 2,210.64. The Operating room was 6,054.85 which is sort of understanding, but there is another charge called Endo/GI Procedure - 4,367.05 that I thought was the doctor's bill. It isn't because the doctor's bill came separately. The last charge was for Pathology - 736.23. Hope this first paragraph didn't bore you, I'm just stunned by how outrageous and ridiculous medical care is here!
Above is what my cousin sent me this morning by e mail.  I am stunned...... This is only the bill from the hospital. I should ask him what the doctor charged to do the procedure.   I can get a colonoscopy done in a doctor's office here and the cost is four hundred dollars. TOTAL.   Something is very wrong with this picture. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Photos for Izzy

I heard through the grapevine that Izzy didn't like being slighted when I posted the photos of my favorite dog and cat photos on here and on   So sorry Izzy. I meant that those were my favorite PHOTOS not my favorite ANIMALS..... Of course you are one of my favorite dogs.....