Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mushrooms in the Yard

These mushrooms came up in my yard this morning. I like the white against that beautiful green lawn. The garden here is almost a block in size. A gardener comes five days a week to take care of it. He stays most of the day. He carefully sweeps tiny leaves off of the grass. I am sure the mushrooms will be gone on Monday. Nice job. No one bothers him. House sitting is a nice job too. I like to pretend that this home belongs to me while I am here. Maybe he does the same thing. Dreaming is free.


  1. They look like common puffballs. I get them in my yard the size of footballs. They are very good to eat but taste best if picked before they are full size. The mature ones are making spores and the spores taste funky so if they have a tinge of green to the flesh, it is best to toss them out. We cook them with breading in a fry pan or deep fryer, a little sauce and it's a meal.
    It is best to read up on any mushroom you might want to sample. Puffballs are as close to fool proof as mushrooms get but you still want to make sure they are puffballs, your liver will thank you...

    1. hi Norm, Thank you for commenting and giving me that information. Don't think I am adventurous enough to try to eat them.... P