Wednesday, April 30, 2014

San Juan Cosala Spa

Village in the Sun and House in the Sun

I just finished reading Village in the Sun. What an interesting book. It was written over sixty years ago. The author's pen name is Dane Chandos. His real name was Nigel Millett and he had a co author named Peter Lilley. Together they built a house by the lake in San Antonio and they wrote Village in the Sun while staying in the Old Posada. The book was first published in 1945. After Nigel died of tuberculosis, Peter Lilley and Anthony Stansfeld wrote House in the Sun which was published in 1949. I haven't read that one yet but I will look for it in the LCS library next time I go there.

It is so interesting to see how different it was here sixty years ago. Ajijic was hard to get to with four bridges between Chapala and here and often they were washed out. People usually came here from Chapala by boat. Ajijic was a very small community. I was interviewing the new owners of the Old Posada Restaurant and the woman showed me some photos of Nigel and his father. I read online that Nigel lived in the Old Posada before it was made into a hotel. Here are a couple of photos of Nigel that she had.  Nigel was also friends with Neil James. I bet there were a lot of writers and other artists here at that time. There still are....

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Since these two books were written, many more books have been published about this area but I believe Village in the Sun is excellent. It is well written and insightful. I loved it. If you would like to know more about this subject, check out: Three authors in the sun

Friday, April 25, 2014

More Sunset Photos from my deck featuring Olive

It has become a routine now for Olive to join me on the deck to watch the sunsets. It is my favorite time of the day. Please humor me once again by looking at yet more sunset photos. When I first came here, almost every evening I would walk down to the lake and sit there for a couple of hours, taking photos of the sunsets and the birds.

I had so many sunset photos that my son started calling my blog the Sunset blog. But now that it is too far for me to easily walk, I am sticking to taking photos of it from my deck. I love being on the deck in the cool of the evenings. Chico and Olive always join me. I am sure going to miss this place when I have to move.

Morning Thoughts

We have had a little bit of rain but not enough for me to see if this place is going to leak. I am just going from day to day, hoping I will be able to stay awhile but everything is up in the air. My landlord may be moving soon and if he does, I will have to move too. I have no idea of where I would go.

I love my deck. It is so nice to cook outside with a view of the trees and the lake and the sounds of the birds in the mornings and evenings.  But all good things must come to an end.

Last night I heard my landlord's car making lots of noise. Then it stopped for awhile and started up again. Usually it is just an animal making the emergency alarm go off but I was scared. I locked my door and finally went back to sleep. In the morning when I went out to walk with Leslie and Boomer, I saw that someone had tried to steal his car. It is in our driveway. The front grill had been taken off and the hood had been messed with but, fortunately, they couldn't get the hood up.

We walked a block down the street and saw a couple of police cars at the neighbor's house. We went over and told them about what had happened at my house. They said that someone had tried to break into this other house. The bars kept him or them out but one window had been broken. There were two I pads sitting not far from the window and they managed to take a stick and drag them out.

I am going to check my cell phone and make sure there is money on it and put the police number next to it.  I don't think this locked gate is helping at all...... It just makes life more difficult for some of us---The ones without cars and with damaged and painful body parts.

Now that this end of the street is blocked off, this part of the neighborhood is isolated and very quiet. Too quiet. I no longer feel safe walking in it at night. But I am guessing that it makes the robbers feel more secure and less likely to be seen as they try to break into the cars and houses. No one is around to call the police.   

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My friend Allison

Allison leaves soon for the States. This is such a fluid community. People come to visit, we get attached and then they go back home. But hopefully they come back again. One must flow with it all.

My friend Karin

Karin was just visiting for awhile. She has left for the States now. I miss you Karin.

Sunsets viewed from my Deck

my deck/kitchen
Chico in his favorite chair
I think that Olive was watching the sunset.
She matches the colors in the sunset.
We have had lots of thunder but very little rain. I hope my place holds up in the rain.

Sunseet at Lake Chapala in Ajijic

Monday, April 21, 2014

My Friend Karin has a dress made

Karin's new dress
This store is on 16th of Sept. near the Lake Chapala Society.

Ajijic Malecon on Easter