Saturday, April 5, 2014

Las Cupulas Boutique Bed and Breakfast

Las Cupulas Boutique Bed and Breakfast is located just a few miles west of Ajijic. It only has three guest apartments. I met the owner Mike when I was at the hardware store. They didn't have what I needed and he overheard me. He offered to give me one that he had at his place. (It was an outside cover for an electrical outlet.)

What a nice man. He took me to his bed and breakfast. I heard beautiful piano music coming out into the garden. He said that his wife, America, plays. There was a salt water heated pool. What a treat to see that. Plus a view of the lake and beautiful grounds.  Besides a nice breakfast, America sometimes also cooks dinners for the guests.They also cater parties and candle light dinners by the pool.

What lovely people. I feel like I found a secret retreat. It is very quiet and peaceful.  Here are some photos and if you are interested, please contact Mike at 01 (376) 766 1157 or check out his web page:  Thank you Mike for being so helpful to me.
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One of the guest casitas
Main house
One part of the very large garden
Mike and America
The pool and outside eating area

View of the lake from the pool.
One of the casita bedrooms
shower in the casita


Turn off to the bed and breakfast


  1. What a great find Pat. The B&B is beautiful and it sounds like the owners are too. P.