Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Evening, End of June in Ajijic

Anita, dressed up and on her way to talk to the attorney about her landlord problems.

This little boy has created his own swing.

This couple must be having a hard time keeping the dogs so well groomed here with all this rain and mud.
I think it may rain again tonight.

Monday Morning at LCS and the Ajijic Plaza

People bringing their dogs into LCS for a Monday morning visit.
The water lilies are blooming in the LCS pond.

There are lots of hidden homes in Ajijic. Narrow passages sometimes open onto beautiful gardens.

There are three flags flying at the distance; Mexican, American and Canadian.

It was overcast this morning. It rained a little and then the sun came out. It is a beautiful sunny afternoon. I took a walk into town to get money for my rent. The photos are of the Lake Chapala Society and the Ajijic Plaza. There were more people today than there have been at the LCS.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday, Family Day in Ajijic

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike?

Lost Information

I received several e mails about Anita's housing problem. They were information about sites here for rentals. I thought I checked publish but they quickly disappeared. I hope that the person who sent this information to me will try again. Thank you. Patricia

Meeting a New Blog Friend

Top two photos are of Mary. She came down from Canada to check out the area. She may retire here in a few years. She has been reading my blog. It is such a pleasure for me to meet people who have been reading my blog. It is my reward for spending all this time at the computer. She looks like she is having a good time here. Anita was with us but she wasn't feeling well. This problem with her landlord is causing her a lot of stress. She went home after the music and Mary and I went on to La Bodega and danced up a storm with some other single women. My dance teacher was there and we all got out and did the Salsa during the intermissions. I am sore all over this morning.

Candles, fresh flowers and lights in the trees. La Nueva Posada knows how to make a beautiful setting.

Unfortunately, I don't know the name of this group. They play at La Nueva Posada on Saturday nights and they are wonderful. They mostly play romantic Mexican music. They are the frosting on the cake, making the evening magical. Sorry about my lousy camera. One of these days, after I sell my mobile home I will buy a good camera.

Children playing in the garden at La Nueva Posada. I like to see children enjoying nature.

Weather report for Saturday in Ajijic. Cloudy.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Troubles in Paradise

I try to keep my blog as positive as possible. I know, there are times when I feel sorry for myself and I am depressed and lonely. But those negative feelings pass quickly in this beautiful environment. Unfortunately, I have been going through my friend Anita's heartache with her apartment. I have put photos of it on my blog in the past. It is a lovely place with views of the mountains and the lake. She loved it until the night she returned from the States and the roof leaked. I am not talking about a small leak here. The entire roof was leaking. A skylight is over her bed and she woke up with rain coming down on her face. Her bed was soaked. Her suitcase hadn't been unpacked yet and it was sitting in a huge puddle of water. Many of her clothes were ruined. I stopped by to visit with her the next morning and found her in tears. Her photos of her son were ruined. Her wet passport and traveler's checks were spread out on the bed. It was a real mess. She had to move out. Now the problem is to try to recover her two month's rent that she paid in advance and her deposit from her landlord. She asked him to a meeting for lunch yesterday to talk about it. He refused to give her any of her money back. This amounts to over a thousand dollars. He insisted that she had to move back in there. He said he would fix the roof. But he has already tried to do that several times and it still leaks. She said she wouldn't go back. It was too tramatic for her and she doesn't trust that it won't happen again. He wouldn't give an inch. So, now it looks like I am going to learn some things about the legal system in Mexico. She is going to see a Mexican lawyer next week and I will go with her. This entire experience has been extremely difficult for her. I hope I can be of some emotional support to her while she is going through this process. It is sad to see things come down to lawyers and the courts. But he isn't going to budge. He was extremely rude and disrespectful to both of us at lunch. I hope she wins this case.

Saturday Dancing horses and a Little Girl Discovering the Beach

Bird by the lake.
The two above photos were taken at lunch time today. Maybe it will rain again tonight. The lake water was glassy this afternoon.

Two more morning views from Anita's apartment at La Nueva Posada. Another cloudy day.

The two young men were dancing their horses down the street. When they noticed that I was taking photos, one of them turned his horse around towards me so I could get a better shot.

I took the three above photos this morning by my house. The last photo shows the parents of the little girl. They are watching her from a distance. I liked that they were allowing her to explore the world without hovering over her. Unfortunately, my camera lense has another smudge on it. I took it to Walmart yesterday, hoping they would clean it for me. They did in the States, but not here. Does anyone out there know how to clean the lense? I hope so. I hate having smudges on the photos.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Circus Comes to Town and Close Ups of Flowers

I think a bear is in the above cage.

Monkeys, of course. They can't keep still. Chico is like that, up and down all night long....I didn't sleep much last night because of him and I have been tired all day.

The circus comes to town. I took some of these photos from a car while riding along beside the cages. That is why they look funny. Then when we got to the grocery store I managed to stand along the side of the road and get more photos as they passed. Anita and I both felt sorry for the poor, caged animals.

The stairs at La Nueva Posada. I had breakfast there with Anita before we went to Walmart to shop.

These paintings were done one of the owners of La Nueva Posada, Judy Eager. I love the colors. Maybe one day I will buy one for my place.

This is me taking a photo of the flowers with a mirror behind them in La Nueva Posada.

I hate to admit this, but after taking photos for six months I just recently discovered the three settings on my camera, close up, medium and distance. Today I practiced with the close up setting and the distance one on the next photo. As I have already said, I am a slow learner.