Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving at Salvador's Restaurant

My friend Emily at the Hot Rod Restaurant
I made our reservation for three in the afternoon, hoping it wouldn't be crowded at Salvador's by then. On Canadian Thanksgiving Day it was cleared out by three. But not so on the American Thanksgiving Day. Now the expats are here for the winter.

It was so crowded that they had set a small table up right in front of the door for me and Emily. It was very noisy and people would have been streaming in and out all around our table. Cold air coming in too. It has been cold here.

So I just had to leave. I don't like noise and crowds when I am eating, no matter how good the food.  I insisted with Emily that we go upstairs to one of the other restaurants. Emily wanted to go to the Hot Rod.  I had been hoping we could have had time to eat and then go to the show. But they didn't get our food out fast enough.

I was so overwhelmed by then of the noise and problem at Salvador's that I asked Emily if she wanted to put her meal in a box and just eat it in the theater. She said no, she has seven dogs at home and cannot stay away that long. So I left her with her meal and I took mine into the theater and ate it while watching the movie. 

It was a very disappointing day. Thanksgiving, for me, is a time to be with family.  I was with my family last Thanksgiving in Portland. I miss them. But they will be down here Christmas Day. I am looking forward to celebrating the holidays then. This Thanksgiving is one for me to forget! If Emily hadn't been there, it really would have been bad.