Sunday, November 9, 2014

LCS Art Show part 2

The artist who does the Vino Blanco paintings.
Some more children's art.
More children's art.

Children's art.
This cake looked delicious. I might try some today if it is still there.
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One of the winners.
This little girl is the third place winner.
Second place winner.
First place winner.


  1. I like the man who does the Vino Blanco paintings. But I particularly like the work of the woman he used to share the gallery with. Do you know if she is still in town?

  2. HI Pat, Sorry, I do not know her. I always thought the artist who did the Vino Blanco paintings was a woman. I was surprised to see a man instead. p

  3. Yes, in that gallery, there was his donkey stuff, and these other oil paintings by a woman of Ajijic and also the area of the U.S. where she was from. I will send you some photos I took of her work. I was debating with myself last visit on whether I should buy one. Looks like I might have missed my chance.

  4. HI Pat, That gallery no longer exists. If I ever see the man again I will ask him about her. But otherwise, I think you missed your opportunity. Sorry. p