Thursday, November 27, 2014

Morning Thoughts---Happy Thanksgiving

I have been house sitting for my friends for the past few days and haven't felt like getting on the computer. Hopefully I will feel more creative soon. I have photos from my bus trip to Tlaquepaque to put on. Today I am going out to eat with my friend Emily at Salvador's. That is my favorite restaurant for holiday buffets. They have turkey and ham and everything else that goes along with Thanksgiving. The cost is 180 pesos. That also includes drinks.

The nine day holiday is still going on here. It is a very busy season. Lots of snowbirds are in town. The restaurants are filling up and the traffic is getting bad. I am seeing friends that I have not seen for six months.

It is cold in the mornings. Don't laugh if you are reading this in Canada. To me, cold is forty degrees. In the afternoons it warms up and is nice.

Chico is staying here with me. He is hiding under the covers, trying to keep warm.  My friends went to the beach. I hope they are having a wonderful time. Maybe I will make another beach trip this winter. San Blas here I come.


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