Friday, August 29, 2014

Future Meeting at Walter Mitty's Restaurant in Lake Oswego

I called Walter Mitty's today and reserved the private room for us on the sixth of Sept. at three in the afternoon. This is just a get together for people who want to talk about Ajijic. We had it twice last year and there was a nice group of people. I hope, if you are interested in Ajijic, that you will join us on this day.   The address is: 11830 Kerr Parkway, Lake Oswego, OR.  Also, if you can't make the meeting and you want to meet with me before I return to Mexico, please e mail me.   I go home on the 12th of Sept. Maybe I will see you in Ajijic if not here?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dinner with friends at a German Restaurant, Otto & Anita's

Barbara and Donna. Donna is on the right. She treated us to dinner.
Dill pickle soup. It was delicious.
The meal was delicious. Thank you Donna.

After wedding photo of Maria and Chris

Maria is starting her own business as a healer. They took me to see her office and I got this photo of them. They both look so happy. This morning they took off for a two week cruise around Europe. That was the wedding gift from Chris's mother and father. Nice gift!

Clouds in Lake Oswego, OR

This was the view a few days ago from the deck. It is beautiful weather up here now. Sunny, warm, no humidity. I don't miss the weather in Mexico right now.

Wedding Photos

The Bride.
Maria bought this dress in India last November.
Bride and groom are dancing. They both changed clothes for the second half of the wedding.
Chris, the groom, is walking down the isle with his mom and his dad is behind them.
The wedding ceremony. My daughter-in-law, Christina is on the far left in a green dress.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Otto and Anita's on Weds

 This is the e mail I just received from my friend Donna. She is getting me at five and we will drive over there this coming Weds. Hope others will join us. Dill pickle soup. Sounds delicious!

Otto & Anita's in Multnomah Village.  Great German food & beers.  Their specialty is Dill Pickle Soup.  Sounds gross but it's very yummy!  It's my supper club's ladies' fav place.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Orenco Station Restaurant

Another huge gathering before the wedding.
Future bride and groom.
The food at this restaurant was delicious. It was all delicious! I hope to start swimming tomorrow morning. I need it after all these meals. I will put on the wedding photos in a day or two. Need rest today.

Brother and Sister

Maria, the bride, and her brother, Eric. Eric and his wife, April, drove in from Montana for the wedding. Maria's father wasn't well enough to make it so Eric was the stand in father.

Pedicure Time.

Three family members getting pedicures before the wedding.  Such fun!

Foco De Chao. Brazilian Steakhouse in Portland.

This was just from the salad bar.
Just one of the many skewers of meat that they constantly bring by.
These girls are holding up the green side of their coasters. That means, BRING IT ON. They will keep bring more meat as long as you have the green side facing up.
My family!  Everyone is so excited about the upcoming wedding. Maria, the bride, is the woman standing up. Her groom, Chris, is the man on the far left side of the photo. For several days we ate out at wonderful restaurants. I am surprised we were able to fit into our wedding outfits.

A few photos of Downtown Portland

The weather is beautiful here now.

Breakfast at La Provence in Portland

I LOVE this place......

Our Henna Party before the Indian Wedding

The henna party was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, mine didn't last long. Now my hands and feet just look kind of dirty. I am in Portland, Oregon and the wedding was yesterday. I will post more photos in a day or so. I need to rest today.